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Archaeology Teaching and Covid-19


Information on the teaching of Archaeology in the following degree courses: 

  • CK101 BA Arts (General)
  • CK107 BA Geographical and Archaeological Science
  • CK123 BA Anthropology

Archaeology is committed to delivering as much teaching as possible on campus in the pandemic circumstances, always subject to public health guidelines. Lectures commence on Monday, 13th September for Second and Third years, and on Monday 27th September for First Years. All of our BA courses will be delivered face-to-face is a classroom/lecture theatre, subject to 1m social distancing and wearing of face masks in properly ventilated rooms. Lectures recorded and made available through Canvas for those students who cannot attend for health reasons and public health guidelines.  

The following are timetable details of teaching in Archaeology for the coming academic year. Full details will be available in the First Year, Second Year and Third Year booklets (available here), and in CANVAS module pages after registration. 

Please note: Archaeology teaching is divided into two six-week blocks for each Semester.
Semester 1a: 13 September - 22 October 2021
Semester 1b: 25 October - 3 December 2021
Semester 2a: 17 January - 25 February 2022
Semester 2b: 28 February - 8 April 2022

FIRST YEAR Archaeology 

  • AR1001 (Semesters 1 and 2) 
  • Three lectures a week: Monday 11-12 (Boole 2); Tuesday 9-10 (Boole 2); Wednesday (2-3 Boole 3).  

SECOND YEAR Archaeology (CK101 and CK107) 

Core (compulsory) modules for full degree students 

  • AR2016 The Development of Archaeological Thought (Semester 1b): Lectures on Mon 3-4pm Conn S5 and Tues 3-4pm Conn J1, with tutorials Thurs 12-2pm S3A and others rooms announced in class. 
  • AR2045 Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork (Semester 2a+2b): Mon 3-4pm Conn S5, Weds 12-1pm Conn S5 and Thurs 12-2pm Conn S2. 

Option modules 

  • AR2014 Artefact Studies (Semester 2a): Tues 4-5pm Conn J7, Thurs 10-11am Conn J7 and Fri 10-12noon Conn J7 
  • AR2033 Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Europe (Semester 1a): Mon 2-3pm Conn S2, Weds 9-10am Conn J5, Thurs 12-1pm Conn S3A and Fri 1-2pm Conn J5. 
  • AR2034 The Archaeology of Early Medieval and Viking Britain (Semester 1a): Mon 3-4pm Conn S5, Tues 4-5pm Conn J7, Fri 10-12noon Conn J5 
  • AR2037 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology (Semester 2b): Mon 12-1pm S3, Thurs 9-10am J5, Fri 10-12noon J1. 
  • AR2038 Human Remains for Archaeologists (Semester 2a): Mon 12-2pmam Conn S3, Fri 12-2pm Conn J1 
  • AR2042 The Archaeology of Later Medieval Ireland, AD1100–1550 (Semester 1b): Weds 10-11am Conn S5, Thurs 2-3pm Conn J5, and Fri 11-1pm Conn J5. 
  • AR2047 Celts, Germans and Scythians (Semester 1b): Tues 4-5pm Conn S3, Weds 3-5pm Conn J7, Thurs 11-12noon Conn J1. 
  • AR2051 The Archaeology and Anthropology of War in Small-scale Societies (Semester 2b): Tues 3-4pm (Conn J1, Wed 9-10am Conn S2, Fri 12-2pm Conn S5. 

THIRD YEAR Archaeology (CK101 and CK107) 

Core (compulsory modules for full degree students) 

  • AR3030/AR3010 Dissertation modules (Semesters 1 and 2): initial classroom briefing 5pm Wed 6th Oct Conn S5; all subsequent meetings with supervisors in their offices or on Teams. 
  • AR3047 Professional Practice in Archaeology (Semester 2b): Mon 10-12noon Conn S2, Thurs 2-4pm Conn J5. 

Option modules 

  • AR3037 The Viking World and Ireland (Semester 1b): Mon 4-5pm Conn J1, Thurs 10-11am Conn S3, Fri 9-11am Conn J1. 
  • AR3039 The Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland (Semester 1a): Mon 12-1pm Conn J7, Tues 2-3pm Conn J7, Weds 1-3pm Conn J1 
  • AR3040 Health Diet and Disease in Early Societies (Semester 2b): Mon 1-2pm Conn S3, Mon 2-3pm Conn S3A, Tues 4-5pm Conn J1, Thurs 4-5pm Conn J1. 
  • AR3050 Archaeo-palynology (Semester 2a): Mon 2-3pm Conn S3A, Weds 11-12noon Conn S5 and Thurs 2-4pm Conn J1 
  • AR3051 Wetland Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments (Semester 2a): Tues 2-3pm S3, Weds 1-2pm Conn J1 and Fri 12-2pm room to be confirmed. 
  • AR3052 Beyond the Celtic World (Semester 1a): Mon 10-11am Conn C; Wed 10-11 Conn J5, Thurs 2-4pm Conn S2. 
  • AR3053 Landscape Archaeology (Semester 2a): Mon 4-5pm S5, Tues 1-3pm Conn S3A and Thurs 10-11am Conn J5 
  • AR3054 Late Iron Age Ireland and the Roman World (Semester 1b): Mon 10-11am Conn J7, Weds 10-11am Conn S2, Thurs 4-5pm Conn J5 and Fri 1-2pm Conn S5.  
  • AR3055 Transitions in Prehistory: Ireland in the Third Millennium BC (Semester 1a): Mon 4-5pm Conn S5, Weds 12-1pm Conn J1, Thurs 10-11am Conn S3 and Fri 2-3pm Conn J5 
  • AR3056 The Archaeology of Post-Medieval Ireland, c.1550–1750 (Semester 1b): Tues 2-3pm Conn S5, Weds 11-1pm Conn J1 and Thurs 3-4pm Conn S2 
  • AR3061 Ireland’s Golden Age: Art and Craft AD 600–1200 (Semester 2b): Mon 10-11am Conn J5; Wed 3-5pm room to be confirmed; Thurs 11-12noon room to be confirmed 

‘CONN’ classrooms are in the Connolly Building complex on Western Road, opposite River Lee hotel, where the Department of Archaeology is also located. 

Students can access further resources at the following links, including downloadable Year Booklets containing all of the important information for the current academic year:

Anthropology students can access further information on the programme's own website at:


You can visit UCC's Covid-19 information page at

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