Cork Journal of Applied Psychology

The Cork Journal of Applied Psychology (previously named the UCC Psychology Journal) at University College Cork, Ireland, is a non-profit Psychology Journal within the School of Applied Psychology. The Journal provides an opportunity for students, academics and professionals worldwide to have their work published.

All submissions are peer reviewed by the staff from the School of Applied Psychology here in UCC and other Universities within Ireland.

The Editorial Board is comprised psychology students in UCC and is led by the elected Editor-in-Chief who also sits on the Psychological Society Committee.

This year is the inaugural edition of the UCC Psychology Journal. This challenging first edition has been conceived and brought into fruition by an enthusiastic student who was inspired from the very successful Cork Online Law Review (COLR). The COLR is a world renowned Law Review run by Law students in University College Cork. It was founded in 2002 and has gone from strength to strength, providing a clear up-to-date website and a trusted journal.

The UCC Psychology Journal will hope to stay true to its inspiration and provide a voice for students, academics and professionals. To be an up-to-date resource for current findings and also a place of learning and growth for students.   

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