Around the end of the second year of my undergraduate degree course in Applied Psychology in UCC, I decided that I wanted to gain more experience in the “real world” aspects of research. Therefore, I’ve applied for a position as an intern for the summer in the School of Applied Psychology. Following an interview, I was offered to work as a BEATS inter with Dr. Samantha Dockray on a projectcalled ‘Positive Puberty’. During the months of July and August I worked with my partner Mary Tobin on the project; I also attended weekly meetings with Samantha and the other interns and I took part of several training within the department. My partner and I developed an interview schedule regarding the experience of puberty, focusing on the impact of physical changes. We then recruited participants and set up one-to-one interviews. I believe this experience improved qualitatively my knowledge and understanding of real-world research, which I will use for both my final year project, and future research. I will always be grateful for being given this opportunity and I strongly recommend it to anyone! 

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