Resilience and Transition Research Group

About The Resilience and Transition Research Group

The Resilience & Transition Research Group is interested in understanding resilience at the biological, individual, socio-cultural, and ecological systems levels. Global challenges, such as the economic crisis, humanitarian emergencies, conflict, disease, climate change, and new technologies create challenges in local contexts.  Psychologists must respond with new ways of working and thinking - to be responsive, to improvise, to be creative and to bring scientific methods to bear on important societal questions.

The Resilience & Transition Research Group is engaged in:

  • Developing strengths-based, systems-level models
  • Identifying factors correlated with resilient resources, processes and outcomes from the biological level to understanding individuals dealing with adversity within resilient systems
  • Increasing understanding of the importance and role of community,  cultural and wider socio-political processes
  • Integrating multidisciplinary knowledge gained from developmental, neuroendocrinological, health and cultural psychology and resilience in the developing individual and within cultural human adaptive systems
  • Developing new interventions which move from promoting resilient individuals to mobilising basic protective systems at the individual, family, community and organisational levels
  • Augmenting "Prevention Science" which seeks to prevent or limit damage and risk at all levels of resilience-supporting systems


Dr. Maria Dempsey

Dr. Zelda Di Blasi

Dr. Samantha Dockray

Dr. Sean Hammond

Prof. John McCarthy

Dr. Mike Murphy

Ms. Inge Nieuwstraten

Dr. David O'Sullivan

Ms. Anna O'Reilly-Trace

Dr. Angela Veale

School of Applied Psychology

Síceolaíocht Fheidhmeach

Cork Enterprise Centre, North Mall, Cork.