Successful Sustainable Ageing

ACME Laboratory

The Ageing, Cognition, Multisensory perception, and Environment laboratory (Dr. Annalisa Setti and Dr. Jason Chan) studies multisensory perception and cognition, with particular focus on healthy older adults, older people who exercise, fallers, young athletes, and sedentary kids. We also measure the characteristics of the lived environment which train our brain and support or hinder independent living when we get older.  Using electroencephalography (EEG), we investigate the cortical dynamics between multisensory perception and the lived environment to improve the ageing brain                                    

Our areas of investigation are:

  • Multisensory perception in older fallers and physically active people;
  • Environment as ‘brain training’;
  • Multisensory perceptual training;
  • Negative perceptions of ageing and attention in older adults

School of Applied Psychology

Síceolaíocht Fheidhmeach

Cork Enterprise Centre, North Mall, Cork.