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About Psychological Measurement

The Psychological Measurement group carries out research into the following overlapping areas of applied measurement: Psychometric assessment and measurement; Assessment of violent and sexual offenders; Sleep and waking performance; Regulation and control of cognitive function.

Psychometric Assessment and Measurement

One team within the PMRG is working on the application of psychometric principles to the assessment of individual differentiation. This involves looking at functional and dysfunctional aspects of human behaviour including neuropsychological performance, intelligence and dysfunctional personality traits. A variety of methodologies are employed including computerised assessment, modelling and biosignal analysis.

Assessment of Violent and Sexual Offenders

Another team within the PMRG is working on the application of a wide range of models and strategies for clinical assessment with an emphasis upon non-compliant patients, particularly the assessment of sexual and violent offenders.

Sleep and Waking Performance

This research theme covers a range of work concerning the effects on mood and cognitive performance of sleep structure, loss, sleep interia, circadian phase, diurnal preference and certain genetic variations in a variety of laboratory based and questionnaire studies.

Regulation and Control of Cognitive Function

A final overlapping theme addresses, through a variety of laboratory-based approaches, how working memory, particularly visuo-spatial memory, and executive function interact and how the extent of their interaction can be quantified. It also explores the conscious and nonconscious processes involved in the willful or purposeful control of behaviour by investigating issues such as prospective memory, implementation planning, and motor cognition in the context of self-regulation.


Dr. Sean Hammond

Dr. Raegan Murphy

Dr. Ciara Staunton

Dr. Mike Murphy

Dr. David O'Sullivan

Dr. Jurek Kirakowski

Dr. Audrey DunnGalvin

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