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About People & Technology

The People and Technology (PAT) group is a collection of human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers interested in understanding, designing, and evaluating digital technologies. The group is committed to experience-centred, participatory approaches to the design of technology. The excitement of experience-centred, participatory design for us is in helping ensure that technological developments give people a chance for a richer life, to include people who too often are excluded, and to ensure that everyone feels free to think about and discuss what matters to them especially those people who feel they have no voice.

Many of our projects are design-led enquiries, one goal of which is to understand participation in order to do it better. Many of our projects are also interdisciplinary. We enjoy collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines. More than that, the work we do could not be done without substantive collaboration with researchers from areas such as: Art and Design, Computer Science, Sociology, Political and Economical Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Geography, Civil Engineering, and Food Science.

Academic Staff

Dr. Conor Linehan

Dr. Nadia Pantidi

Prof. John McCarthy

Dr. Gillian Murphy

PhD Students

Kathleen Ryan

Sarah Foley

Aaron Bolger

Maria Murray

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