Research Groups

People and Technology

People and Technology

Group leader: Prof. John McCarthy

Technology as Experience

Human Computer Interaction

Cognitive Aspects of Driving

Advances in Assessment

Advances in Assessment Group

Group leader: Dr. Sean Hammond

Assessment of violent and sexual offenders

Regulation and control of cognitive function

Psychometric modelling

Resilience and Transition

Resilience and Transition Research Group

Group leader: Dr. Angela Veale

Social engagement in disadvantaged groups

Positive psychology

Counselling and health psychology


Successful Sustainable Ageing

Successful Sustainable Aging Research Group

Group leader: Dr. Jason Chan

cognition in older age,

supported/assisted living, caregiving,

experiences of living in care, 'smart homes' for vulnerable populations

building resilience in cognition through older adulthood.

Ageing, Cognition, Multisensory Perception, & Environments Laboratory (ACME Lab)

School of Applied Psychology

Síceolaíocht Fheidhmeach

Cork Enterprise Centre, North Mall, Cork.