BA Psychology and Computing CK121

This is one of the few degree courses internationally that combines Psychology and Computer Science to advance understanding of people’s experience with technology. For more information please see

As a student of this degree you will:

  • develop an understanding of digitally-mediated lived experiences
  • gain practical skills that will enhance your employability in the IT sector, especially in areas that are in great demand such as human-computer interaction, user-experience design, usability evaluation, game design and social media, and in research aimed at developing the next generation of systems and services
  • explore the intersection between computing and psychology and apply this knowledge to improving lives socially, culturally and economically
  • broaden your understanding of the needs of technology users such as children using technology, elders who may wish to use ICT but feel inhibited, people who struggle with IT but increasingly have to use it, and many more
  • explore the potential of technology in areas such as education, e-health and mobile-health online screening as it applies to fields including as health, mental health and suicide help seeking etc.
  • design, develop and test IT solutions to benefit a wide range of users’ needs


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School of Applied Psychology

Síceolaíocht Fheidhmeach

Cork Enterprise Centre, North Mall, Cork.