PhD by Research

PhD by Research

PhD by Research

Applying for a PhD

In the first instance, you are advised to consult with a member of the staff of the School who you think has expertise in your proposed area of research. Staff member's research interests can be found by following the 'Staff' link from the School's Home Page.

If you are not sure which member of staff to consult contact the School office or the head of the Research Group that is closest to your area of interest. Should you and a staff member find an area of common interest that is suitable for PhD research, you will be required to write a research proposal to accompany your submission  - a template for your proposal can be found here PhD Proposal Template 2018. This proposal should be developed in conjunction with your proposed principal supervisor. It is a very important element of your application. 

In addition to submitting a research proposal, you need to fill in an application form. You will find the relevant application form and instructions for making an application below. You should follow the instructions carefully and if you have any difficulty with them contact Tara Singleton in the School office (

The School is usually able to offer a limited number of studentships. Some, which are associated with specific projects and research groups, are advertised on the School Home Page. You should submit an expression of interest to the School for one of these before you submit a proposal for a PhD. If you wish to be considered for a regular studentship, submit your PhD proposal indicating on the form that you would like to be considered for a studentship. The studentships cover fees for the three years of PhD study and provide a small annual stipend (approximately €3,000). They commence in mid-September and are tenable for three years subject to satisfactory progress at the annual review.

In the School of Applied Psychology postgraduate research students normally register for PhD track (i.e. provisional registration for a PhD) in the first instance, though it is possible for students with a relevant Masters degree to register directly for PhD. All postgraduate students in the School participate in an annual review process, which is designed to be a constructive and facilitative process as well as a measure of progress and standards. For PhD track students it can also serve the function of demonstrating sufficient progress to be considered for transfer to the PhD.


The School offers a small number of studentships each year. You should submit an expression of interest to the School for one of these before you submit a proposal for a PhD but no later than 5pm on the second Friday in June each year.

The annual award is inclusive of academic fees at the Home/EU rate and a small annual stipend (approx €3,000). Studentship holders assist in the teaching of research methods and statistics modules in the School with training and support provided.

This studentship is awarded for one year in the first instance, and may be renewed (on application) for a further two years. Renewal is based on a satisfactory annual review of progress, evidence of your scholarly contribution to your research area and submissions of funding applications.  Also your work in the School, in terms of quality and reliability will be monitored; you will be expected to attend School seminars and where possible PSI conferences. It is mandatory for new PhD studentship holders to attend a one-day workshop at the start of the first term.  You will also attend the Induction Sessions offered by the UCC Graduate Studies Office. 

Studentships 2017-2018

We are pleased to announce that four School of Applied Psychology PhD Studentships will be available for students wishing to start a PhD in October 2017.

Priority will be given to applicants that wish to pursue research in the area of Work and Organisational Psychology (for more information contact Dr Carol Linehan and Dr Debbie Jeske and any relevant research that utilises the driving simulator (for more information contact Dr Gillian Murphy

While priority will be given to the areas above, the School welcomes applications in all areas of research that members of staff are involved. These can be found here:

The application process and forms are described in detail in the ‘Applying for a PhD’ section above. Please specify in the finance and funding section on the form that you wish to be considered for a Departmental PhD Studentship.

Application Forms and Dates

In addition to completing the general application form at, the School of Applied Psychology requires applicants for the PhD in Applied Psychology to complete this form also.

PhD Application Form

Applications for PhD are welcome throughout the year. However, the University has identified four official starting dates for PhDs: October, January, April and July. You are advised to apply at least two months before your desired start date to allow your application to be officially processed in time for the start date. If you would like to be considered for a studentship you must make your application before the 16th June 2018. A studentship includes payment of fees and a maintenance award, and is made in return for undertaking teaching and other related duties.


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