MA in Applied Psychology

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Students

The MA in Applied Psychology is a one-year full-time intensive programme. On successful completion, students should have an understanding of the discipline of psychology and it's value in applied contexts. They should be able to critically appraise psychological research and practice in a range of settings. They will have knowledge of the professional and ethical issues that may arise in the application of psychology in a variety of contexts, and they will develop skills commensurate with planning and implementing an effective research programme.

The MA in Applied Psychology gives you an advanced understanding of the discipline of psychology in applied settings. The course is designed to help you appreciate the potential and values of applied psychology, think critically about psychological theory and practice and give you the opportunity to explore your own particular interests. 

Applied psychologists use research and theory to analyse real-world situations, develop appropriate interventions, and evaluate outcomes. The course will enable you to pursue postgraduate professional training opportunities, and to pursue a variety of career paths where psychological expertise is need.

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