OpenHouse at the School of Applied Psychology - 8th December 2016

OpenHouse at the School of Applied Psychology - 8th December 2016

UCC School of Applied Psychology Open Day 2016

Thursday 8th December
4.30 – 7pm


We are opening our doors to all Leaving Cert students to show you what studying psychology is all about! This event is perfect for those students interested in studying psychology, just learning a little more about it, and students who just want to come and experience what it is psychologists do.

Open to all Leaving Certificate students and their teachers.

Take a tour of our department, try out our psychology equipment and meet some of our current students!

This event is free.

This is a great opportunity to see what studying psychology involves; see our department and its facilities, chat to our students and have a bit of fun!

When you arrive, you can take a guided tour of our department, with a variety of rooms set-up to show you different aspects of psychology.


Virtual Driving Simulator:

Rev it up! Check out the Driving Simulator – UCC’s state-of-the-art equipment that we use for driving research! Drive the car and see how we measure what influences people’s performance and experience of driving.

driving sim



Can you trust what you see, hear or feel? How does each sense affect one another? Sometimes what we see isn’t always reality!

Here at the Psychology Department, we do a lot of research into visual illusions and how they affect our everyday lives.

Optical illusions


Personality Testing:

We all think we know ourselves pretty well, but why not try our quick personality tests? You may be surprised by the results!


Lie Detection:

See the real life science behind lie detection, you can even take part…. if you’re brave enough that is…


Forensic Psychology Room:

CSI fan? You have to check out this room! Forensic Psychology is the study of crimes and the people who commit them, from examining grisly murder scenes to profiling psychopaths.


Famous Psychologists & their Experiments:

Have a look at the most influential figures in psychology as well as the ground-breaking experiments they carried out. Some so controversial they involved prisoners, obedience, and superstitious pigeons.


Poster and Research Room:

Psychologists do a lot of research on people and behaviour and the results are always interesting! We will have a display of all the fascinating psychological research we do here at UCC. Our students research many diverse topics; dementia, child development, reading, learning in virtual reality, and adolescent stress to mention just a few.


Brain Games:

Do you have the memory of an elephant? Are you good at multi-tasking? Challenge yourself in the Brain Games Room! Compete in teams to prove that your mental abilities are infallible.

Please book your place by filling out the form at the following link:

The School of Applied Psychology, UCC is based in the North Mall Enterprise Centre, North Mall, Cork.

See Map for directions.


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