Annual Transition Year Event

School of Applied Psychology TY Event 2018

The School of Applied Psychology, UCC will welcome over 30 transition years students from schools all over Munster for a three day Transition Year Event that will be held in from the 27th of February to the 1st of March, 2018. Students will participate in a diverse range of talks and activities, learning about Psychology and making friends along the way.  

TY Event Timetable

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Creative Zone in the Boole Library, UCC Main Campus

9.30 Welcome
9.45 Icebreakers & Introduction to Psychology
10.30 Library Tour
11.00 Campus Tour
12.00 Peers Across Years
12.30 Lunch
2.00 AP1123 (Biological & Cognitive Psychology) Lecture in Boole 4
3.00 Study Skills
4.30 Finish for the day


Tuesday 28th February 2018

School of Applied Psychology, North Mall Campus, UCC

9.30 Virtual Reality Simulations, Stress Testing, Driving Simulator, & EEG
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Meet our PhD Students
4.00 Finish for the Day


Tuesday 1st March 2018

School of Applied Psychology, North Mall Campus, UCC

10.00 Psychology Practical
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Art Therapy
2.00 The Rise of Talking Therapies / So you want to be a Clinical Psychologist
3.00 Personality Testing
4.00 Feedback & Presentation of Certificates
4.30 Finish


Feedback from students attending the 2017 Event

"We have a great experience.  We found every aspect really interesting and it opened our eyes to the world of psychology.  On Tuesday we took part in many different tours, such as a tour of the psychology department, the main campus and the Boole library.  We also sat in on an applied psychology lecture.  The group found this lecture very interesting which was about consciousness and sleep.  We also received a talk from the Students Union.  This gave us an insight into what student life was like.  Wednesday morning we did a driving simulator stress test.  We got the opportunity to drive a car and experience the dangers of the road and the importance of road safety.  We also met the PhD students who told us about completing a PhD in psychology.  We learnt about emotions.  We were given a talk on knowing your triggers for stress, we then got a talk on careers and the different types of psychology"

Ciara Milner and Hannah Howard Jones


"Over the last three days, we have gained an excellent insight into the Applied Psychology course available in UCC.  Along with learning about psychology itself we learned about the experience we can get while taking part in the course and what is involved.  We learned about the different parts of psychology, how to apply for it and the different career options there are within the field.  Overall the whole experience was very rewarding and valuable information was provided to us.  I would highly recommend it to other schools as psychology isn’t available in schools."

The Cool Group


"From the beginning to the end we were filled with joy, experience and banter.  From experiments in one lab, to tours of the campus, each one of us had a wonderful time.  We go the real ‘College student’ experience.  Lectures, talks, notes and fun were all a part of it.  Meeting PhD students was great and hearing about psychology in the workplace was fantastic.  One of our favourite parts was meeting new people from all over Ireland.  From this exhilarating course, I think we all have a more clear idea of what we want to do in their level education.  Applied Psychology will remain in our hearts forever, for sure!"

Owen Forde, Wayne Gleeson, Brian Walsh, Conor Doolan


"Our experience in the School of Applied Psychology was very fun and interesting.   There was a diverse group of people, some in fact, had travelled from Clare and Wexford"


"This course was highly enjoyable.  What we learned was quite interesting.  We got talks from many interesting people who were so passionate about what they were talking about.  Getting to explore the facilities was a lot of fun as well.  All in all, we wish we could have stayed longer and we made so many friends."


"It was great.  On day 1 we got a feel for College life as we went to a psychology lecture and got a tour of the campus.  We got to meet the different staff and PhD students who told us about their area of expertise.  We did some ice breakers to get to know the other TY students in our class.  On the second day we watched some TED talks and got a tour of the labs.  We got to participate in a driving simulator which tested stress behind the wheel.  Some people took part in a lie-detector/stress test.  It was interesting to see how people’s heart rate changed when they were put under pressure (lying).  Then we got to broaden our horizons through meditation and mindfulness.  On the last day, we learned about emotions and ethics.  We were shown the different courses and career paths we can go down after we graduate with our psychology degrees."


"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked to do this course.  I had an idea of what psychology was but I was interested to find out more.  I feel like the experience has been very educational and I hope that in the future I will be able to get the points to do this course after Leaving Cert.  I found the people who supervised and taught us about the psychology course were helpful and nice.  I really enjoyed the experience and work definitely do it again."


School of Applied Psychology

Síceolaíocht Fheidhmeach

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