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All work will be checked for plagiarism. Students who are guilty of plagiarism will go on record as having plagiarised and this record will be kept for the duration of their degree programme. Second and subsequent plagiarism cases are dealt with very seriously indeed.

In the writing of your continuous assessment assignments, you will of course need to refer to both printed and online books, papers and resources.  The work you submit however must be in your own words, with direct quotations or reference to other people’s work supported by proper references and a bibliography.  Direct copying or paraphrasing of another person’s words or ideas without appropriate acknowledgement, constitutes plagiarism.  In order to maintain academic integrity, the School of Applied Psychology takes plagiarism very seriously.  If you are found to have plagiarised other people’s ideas or words you will lose some or all marks for the relevant piece of work.  The School follows UCC policy on the issue, and you will find an outline of this policy at  

Late Assignments

Please take careful note of deadline dates and times set for assignments as there are serious lateness penalties as per the book of modules, which states that:

“Work which is submitted late shall be assigned a mark of zero”

 The school policy is that there are no extensions on work set.


The Turnitin link will close at 11.00 and you will be unable to submit your assignment to this link after the deadline has passed. A new late assignment link will be available for two weeks after the initial deadline to which you can submit your assignment if it was not possible for you to submit on time. Please note that all work submitted to this late link will automatically be given a grade of zero unless you apply for, and are granted, a waiver of the late penalty. Clicking on the late link will bring you automatically to an electronic waiver application form which also prompts you to email your supporting documentation where necessary to  No assignments will be accepted more than two weeks after the initial deadline. If you have missed the second deadline please contact the School Manager, Dr Tara Singleton:

Late assessment forms are reviewed by the school teaching and learning committee and waivers will normally be given in cases of serious illness or family bereavement. Appropriate documentation, such as a doctor’s certificate covering the time specified, must be provided. In respect of other reasons for late work, the committee will consider each lateness application on a case by case basis. 

If you have missed a mandatory class or practical session, you will also need to submit a lateness waiver to the school. You can find it at this link.

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