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Career opportunities following a degree in Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating subject that can lead to many interesting and varied career opportunities.  Many students who study psychology go on to develop careers in professional areas such as clinical psychology, counselling psychology, work and organisational psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, sports psychology or research/teaching careers.  To develop a career in these areas typically requires an approved undergraduate degree in psychology and a relevant postgraduate qualification.

If you want to learn more about these careers, for example what they do and how you can break into that career, take a look at   The Psychology Society of Ireland summary of careers at

Some other career options that you may not even have heard of include:

  • Human factors psychologist, who might for example work at reducing human error by better design of airline flight decks
  • Geropsychologists who work with aging adults to improve their mental and physical health and well-being
  • Consumer behaviour specialists; who work with companies and marketing organisations to understand consumer experiences and behaviours

Even if you don’t go on to postgraduate study in psychology your undergraduate degree is a valuable qualification to have.   A psychology degree gives you a good understanding of how humans think, feel and behave, a foundation that is relevant to many jobs.   For more information on career destinations of our students see our careers service report at

Throughout your degree you will also learn many useful transferable skills including: research skills (e.g. planning and designing research and analyzing data); presentation skills; team work skills; critical thinking; verbal and written communication skills, to name just a few.   So perhaps it is not surprising that according to a Higher Education Careers poll in 2010, psychology graduates are the least likely to be unemployed (Guardian, November 22nd 2010). 

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