Theatres of the Dead: Performance, Anatomy and Archaeology

11 Mar 2019
Image: The Medical Museum, Queen’s College Cork at the beginning of the 20th century (O’Rahilly, 1949).

19 March 2019, 11am - 5.30pm, CACSSS Seminar Room ORB G27 & Film and Screen Media Centre in Kane Building B10 (Basement)


  • Joanna Sofaer, Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton
  • Margaret Werry, Theatre Arts and Dance, University of Minnesota
  • Anna Furse, Department of Theatre and Performance, Goldsmiths University of London
  • Oonagh Kearney, Independent Film-maker

This transdisciplinary workshop, which will include a screening of Oonagh Kearney's award winning film Five Letters to the Stanger who will Dissect my Brain, is the fourth in the series of workshops in the project Living Well with the Dead in Contemporary Ireland (see This project aims to find new ways of thinking about, researching and responding to contemporary public disquiet in Ireland about uncared-for dead bodies.


Through creative and critical approaches from theatre and performance studies, digital media and film, museology and archaeology, this workshop offers provocations and insights into the ways bodies become theatres, performances or sites, and where questions of who and what are displayed and for what audience, what is onstage and what is 'obscene' (off-stage), will continue to develop the on-going debates of the Living Well with the Dead project. 

The readings for this event are available at:

The workshop is open to all, but if you plan on attending please email Robert Bolton at

School of Applied Social Studies

Staidéar Sóisialta Feidhmeach

William Thompson House, Donovan's Road, Cork, Ireland.