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Doctoral Research in the School of Applied Social Studies

  • Alam, B. (2020) Both/and rather than either/or’: An insight into the real-life experiences of Asian/Irish youth in contemporary Irish society. (M.Phil.) (Supervisors: Caitríona Ní Laoire and Jacqui O’ Riordan).
  • Cashman, C. (2021) Title: Risk, Responsibility, and Power in the Regulation of Ireland’s Financial Services Industry, 2004-2017. Supervisors: Siobhan O'Sullivan and Tracey Skillington.
  • Ni Shionnain, U. (2021) Gaelphobail nua-aoiseacha: Inmharthanacht agus Pobail Mhionteanga i Saol faoin Domhandú / Modern day Irish speaking Communities: Viability and Minority Language Communities in an age of Globalisation. (Supervisor: Féilim O’hAdhmaill).
  • O’Sullivan, J. (2021) An Exploration of the Barriers and Enablers of Children's Lived Participation within the Primary School Context. (Supervisors: Deirdre Horgan & Shirley Martin).
  • Buckley, M. (2020), PhD, Exhuming insights: what burial records can tell us about the aged poor and emerging welfare provision in Limerick City, 1875 to 1925. (Supervisors Fiona Dukelow and Máire Leane). 
  • O’Donovan, L. (2020) An Exploration of the Factors that Influence Practitioners’ Decision Making in the Context of Delivering the Strengthening Families Programme. (Supervisors: Carmel Halton and Shirley Martin).
  • Whelan, J. (2020)  Solidarity or Stigma? A Critical Realist Exploration of the Anatomy of Irish Welfare Stigma. (Supervisors: Fiona Dukelow and Pat Leahy).
  • York, M. (2020) Imagining New Worlds: (R)evolutionary Love and Radical Social Transformation in the 21st Century.  (Supervisors: Orla O’Donovan and Laurence Davis).
  • Dorrity, C. (2019) The Political Representation of Asylum Seekers by Migrant NGOs in Ireland: Examining the Policy and Practice of Deliberate Engagement. (Supervisors: Alastair Christie and Fiona Dukelow).
  • Byrne, P. (2019) Medicalisation in Ireland – A Mixed Methods Analysis Using the Case of Statins for Primary prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. (Supervisors: Orla O’Donovan with John Cullinan NUIG & Susan Smith RCSI).
  • Calnan, S. (2019) A programme to reduce excessive alcohol consumption among college students in Ireland: Analysis of context, implementation and impact. (Supervisors: Orla O’ Donovan, Ivan Perry & Martin Davoren).
  • Keneally, A. (2019) An Examination of the Influence of Advocacy on the Children’s Rights Discourse in Ireland. (Supervisor: Deirdre Horgan).
  • Stapleton, P. (2019) A Comparative Analysis of Human Trafficking in Ireland and Italy and the Role of Commodified Female Sexuality. (Supervisors Shirley Martin & Tracey Skillington).
  • Bolton, R. (2018) It feels like you’re in Funderland’: an ethnographic study of the performance of masculinities in youth cafés’ (Supervisors Caitriona Ni Laoire and Elizabeth Kiely)
  • Cronin O’Mahony, J. (2018) Chosen Childlessness in Ireland: A Qualitative Study of Women’s Decision Making, Biography Making and Identity Management. (Supervisors: Máire Leane & Jacqui O’ Riordan).
  • Brady, W.M. (2018) Strategic Planning and Governance: Challenges in a European City Region. (Supervisors Cathal O’ Connell and Kieran Keohane).
  • Kolawole, O. (2017) Employment Equality, Workplace inclusion and Non-EI Immigrants: Experiences of Foreign Trained Healthcare Professionals in Ireland and Canada Explored. (Supervisors: Piaras McEinri & Jacqui O’ Riordan).
  • McElligott, C.E. (2017) The Malling of Everyday Life. (Supervisors: Cathal O’ Connell and Kieran Keohane).
  • O’ Sullivan, M. (2015) Deconstructing the conceptualisation of quality in music education: A reflexive study of music generation Cork city musicians (M.Res) (Supervisors Eileen Hogan & Mel Mercier).
  • McDonnell, S. (2015) States of Play: Irish childhoods, race and belonging (Supervisors Caitríona Ní Laoire and Linda Connolly).
  • Garrett, L., (2015) The Student Bullying of Teachers in Irish Second Level Schools: Exploring the Influence of Historical Low State Intervention on Contemporary Policy Responses in Ireland. (Supervisors: Catherine Forde and Feilim O’ hAdhmaill).
  • Kavanagh D. (2015) Constructing and Governing Homelessness in Dublin 1970 -2010. (Supervisor: Elizabeth Kiely).
  • Power, M. (2015) Community Workers’ Understandings and Practices of Resistances. (Supervisors: Alastair Christie and Rosie Meade).
  • Williams, D. (2015) Experiences of the Foster Care Process in Ireland: Retrospective Accounts from Biological Children of Foster Carers. (Supervisors: Máire Leane and Simone McCaughren).
  • Gaffney, C. (2015) Counterstories: Who Counts as Lesbian? (Supervisors: Máire Leane and Linda Connolly).
  • Martin, S. M. (2015) Market Identities and Irish Women in the ‘Smart Economy’. (Supervisors: Jacqui O’ Riordan and Máire Leane).
  • Duggan, J. P. (2015) The Ideal Secondary Education: Relational, Curricular and Pedagogical Aspects. (Supervisors: Cathal O’ Connell and Shirley Martin).
  • Byrne, L. (2014) Between Respectability and Disgrace: Schismogenesis and the Regeneration of Inequality, Stigma and Social Exclusion in Limerick. (Supervisors: Cathal O’ Connell and Kieran Keohane).
  • O’Flynn A. (2014) Health Care and Neo-Liberalism in Ireland: Withholding the Gift and Corrupting the Social Contract. (Supervisors: Cathal O’ Connell and Kieran Keohane).
  • Weafer, J. (2013) The Lived Experience of Irish Diocesan Priests: A Qualitative Study of Clerical Identity, Obedience and Celibacy. (Supervisor: Máire Leane).
  • Swirak K. (2013) Post-structuralist Analysis of Irish Youth Crime Prevention Policy with a Specific Emphasis on the Garda Youth Diversion Projects. (Supervisor: Elizabeth Kiely).
  • Mullins J. (2013) Not Thinking Straight? A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2006 Irish high court Ruling in Zappone and Gilligan v. Revenue Commissioners and Attorney General. (Supervisors: Máire Leane & Jacqui O’Riordan).
  • Hyland, L. (2013) ‘Doing’ Separation in Contemporary Ireland: The Experiences of Women who Separate in Midlife. (Supervisor: Jacqui O’ Riordan).
  • Scully, H. (2012) “Bad Relationships” Irish Young People’s Views, Experiences and Understandings of Romantic Relationship Abuse. (MPhil) (Supervisor: Elizabeth Kiely).
  • Brandi S. (2013) The Intra-Traveller debate on Traveller ethnicity in the Republic of Ireland – A Critical Discourse Analysis. (Supervisors: Rosie Meade & Orla O’Donovan).
  • Fernández, E. (2012) A Critical Governmentality Study of the Smoking Ban in Ireland. (Supervisor: Orla O’Donovan).

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