DMIS Online Book of Modules

DMIS Online Book of Modules

Guidelines for the DMIS Online Book of Modules (PDF Version)

Procedures/Guidelines and Checklist for Processing Changes to Existing Modules/New Modules on DMIS are attached. DMIS software allows Schools/Departments/Units to add new modules and make changes to existing modules online for publication on the web in the Book of Modules. All additions and changes are submitted to an approval process for final acceptance prior to publication.

Further information on DMIS and on-line tutorials are available here.

Mapping a module to 'Semesterised Format'
If you need to map a module from 'Non Semesterised Format' to 'Semesterised Format', please see page 4 of Semesterisation Guidelines - Module Mapping in DMIS


Question:  I need DMIS access and training, how do I arrange this?

Answer:  Email Systems Administration (REGADMIN@UCC.IE) with your staff number and and a member of the Systems Administration Team will issue you with a password. Your Departmental Administrator will then help you with access.
For training on DMIS Book of Modules, please contact Yvonne Clune (, phone 3598).
For training on DMIS Marks Entry, please email Systems Administration (REGADMIN@UCC.IE).

Question:  I have submitted a module for approval, but now I need to make another change and I can't edit it.

Answer:  You can recall a module from the DMIS Approval Cycle to edit it as follows:

In some instances a department may wish to recall a module it has submitted for approval. The recall facility is available to all users who have access to edit the module(s) (i.e. Departmental Administrator and/or Module Coordinator).

A module may be recalled from the approval cycle by using the Recall button in the Approval Status screen. It is not permitted to recall modules from the approval cycle after the College's deadline for submission of changes to modules has passed.

  1. Go to Tools/Online Book of Modules/Approval Cycle.
  2. Enter academic year (2021) and module code and click on Show Detail.
  3. Select module and click on Recall (bottom right hand side). (Note: If module has been submitted to more than one College/School/Department the user will be prompted to either recall from the individual selected College/School/Department or all Colleges/Schools/Departments).
  4. The user recalling the module should indicate the reason why the module has been recalled.
  5. Note: Once a module has been recalled from the Approval Cycle, the Department needs to resubmit the module change(s) for approval and subsequent publication in the Book of Modules.

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