MA in Anthropology

The MA in Anthropology at UCC is an exciting new postgraduate degree that offers field training in ethnography, combined with cultural, political and social theory. It offers a unique opportunity to gain intercultural competencies as well as professional and transferable skills. The course will appeal to students with a strong international and intellectual outlook who seek a deeper understanding of the cultural, political and social challenges of the 21st Century.  Anthropology is uniquely well-placed to provide an analysis of our contemporary local and global situation. The UCC courses will offer the increasing number of international students with personal lived experience of migration, immigration and globalisation, conflict and war, a vehicle with which to voice their own thoughts and experiences to an academic standard.

The MA employs conventional classroom practice and pedagogy, but also summer schools, winter schools and fieldwork placements with partner institutions globally. These summer and winter schools, as well as fieldwork placements, offer unique spaces for free and unconventional/alternative thinking and educational practice by means of the culturally alienated educational scenarios and contexts. The fieldwork placement will offer a unique opportunity for Irish students to engage in ethnographic practice at a range of institutions in India, Latin America and Europe, and for international students to conduct ethnographic research in Ireland. The international local and global experience of transcultural learning and communication offers unique academic think-tank and creative spaces which foster global understanding and empathy through local engagement.  

Details of the MA in Anthropology and how to apply are available here

Details of the programme content and modules are in the Postgraduate College Calendar and UCC Book of Modules