The Charles Medal in Anatomy

The Charles Medal in Anatomy

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The Charles Medals In Anatomy

In January, 1909, the Governing Body of University College Cork, received from John James Charles, MD, FRSE, formerly Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Queen's College, Cork, a donation of guaranteed preference stock of the London and North-Western Railway Company, as well as a die, in order to provide a Gold Medal annually for competition among the students pursuing programmes in Anatomy or in Physiology at University College Cork. In 1960, the Governing Body decided that two medals should be provided annually - one for Anatomy and one for Physiology. The following conditions have been approved by the Governing Body: 

  1. That a medal be offered for award annually in Anatomy That each medal be called "The Charles Medal in Anatomy".
  2. That a First University Anatomy Prize Examination be held.
  3. That each medal be awarded on the highest aggregate mark of the candidates eligible to sit the First University Anatomy Prize Examination.
  4. Candidates eligible to sit the First University Anatomy Prize Examination are those registered as First Year medical students of University College Cork during the current session, whose aggregate marks are among the top 10% of the class in the Anatomy component of Progressive Assessment in the following modules: FM1001, FM1002, FM1003.
  5. That a medal be not awarded unless high merit has been shown.
  6. In case a medal is not awarded in any year, the income to be used afterwards, at the discretion of the University, in giving an additional medal or prize.

Recipients List

2013/2014 Edmond P. Morrissey  
 2010/2011    Francis Thomas Delaney   Med 1
2009/2010        Brian William Carey    Med 1
2008/2009        Ming-Yong Lee         Med 1
2007/2008               Ashly Maughan             Med 1
2006/2007        Sheila Mary   Mc Sweeney Med 1
2005/2006     Tamara Ni Hici / Paul Mullane Med2 / Med1
2004/2005       Jane Cunningham/Andrea Simmonds Med 2
2003/2004      Aaron Neyor Med 2
2001/2002      James Dollard Med 3
2001/2002      Claire Kennedy Med 2
2000/2001 Yvonne Ryan Med 3
1999/2000     Andrea Ryan Med 3
1998/1999        Averil Atkinson Med 3
1997/1998 Kevi Noel O Regan Med 3
1996/1997    Bernard Creedon Med 3
1995/1996      Triona Hayes Med 3
1994/1995        Benjamin Jeo Cheay Lang Med 3
1993/1994  Violet A A Tuthill Med 3
1992/1993        Mairead Horan Med 3
1991/1992        Chor Hiang Med 3
1990/1991        Niamh O Connell Med 3
1989/1990      Margurite Madigan Med 3
1988/1989        John Finbarr O Rourke Med 2
1987/1988        Gerald T Mc Greal Med 2
1986/1987     Dan O Brien Med 2
1985/1986        Patricia Cremin / Mark Gallagher Med 2
1984/1985      Matthew Griffin Med 2
1983/1984        Peter A O Callaghan Med 2
1982/1983       Kieran Carroll / Denis A O Leary Med 2
1981/1982      Margaret Philomena O Sulllivan Med 2
1980/1981     Brid Crowley Med 2
1979/1980     John Paul Rossiter Med 2
1978/1979     Michael G J O Sullivan Med 2
1977/1978       Nuala M Moss Med 2
1976/1977        Margaret Mary Hickey Med 2
1975/1976        Margaret Mary Duffy Med 2

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