Spotlight 2018

Ed Donovan, Advanced Medical Services

29 Jan 2018
Ed Donovan

Arts graduate, Ed Donovan, has forged a successful career in the healthcare sector - from working in a leading outpatient radiology group in the U.S. to managing a private hospital in Dublin. In 2010, he channelled this experience into founding his own company, Advanced Medical Services (AMS), which offers a screening service that is affordable and easily accessible to the public. Since its inception, AMS has seen 170,000 people avail of its screening services. Read our interview with Ed below.

Course/subjects studied in UCC
BA in Economics and Geography.

Best memory of UCC. I have many great memories of my time in UCC 
Strangely enough one of them is the ‘month off’ before the end of year exams. There was something about the comradery with your fellow friends and students spending long hours in the library studying, sharing notes and trying to predict what was going to come up in the exams. It probably wasn’t a time of great joy at the time but looking back I have fond memories of it.. There were also a number of pranks carried out during this time but probably better to not share here in case it gives some current students some ideas.. Also, the Friday night barbecue’s in the Western Star once the exams finished were enjoyable too!

How has your time at UCC helped you to get to where you are now? 
I have no doubt that my time in UCC helped me achieve a lot throughout the years. It gave the opportunity to meet so many different people from all walks of life. I was fortunate to make some very good friends and contacts during these years, especially from my college course and from playing rugby with the college. The UCC network has opened many doors and helped me / our company win new business.

What is your advice to current UCC students? 
Mainly it is to enjoy your time in College – the time will fly. I would recommend students to join a club or society and meet people that you normally wouldn’t. It’s important to remain friends with the people you went to school with but encourage students to expose themselves to new people and different experiences. I was fortunate enough to spend two summers working in the States on a J1/J2 visa. I highly recommend students to spend the summer months working or travelling in other countries. It is probably the only time you will get the opportunity to travel or work abroad without family or financial challenges. It will open your mind to different places and different cultures. I believe the American ‘can do’ attitude planted a seed which ultimately lead me to start a business.

What person/people at UCC had the most positive influence on you? 
John Mason in the Economics department was our Corporate Strategy lecturer. John had previously worked as a Veterinary Surgeon is the USA. After retiring he returned home and did a Masters in Economics in UCC. I found his lectures and tutorials very interesting and engaging. I believe this was because John had the benefit of working in a completely different area allowed him to see things slightly differently. Also, I enjoyed the subject too which helped. Another person is Dr Ann Kirby. Ann had only joined the Economics department and was one of my tutors at the time. She now heads up the Masters in Health Economics and has asked me to speak to the students on a number of occasions which I enjoy. We have also hired two UCC Health Economics Masters students on graduation from there course. Its great to have high calibre students come join the AMS team.

Were you involved in any Clubs or Societies? 
Yes, I played rugby with UCC. We got to the final of the U-20 all Ireland competition in 2001 losing narrowly to Bruff. I also was on the Senior Rugby Squad for 2 years. There was a number of teammates who went on to play Representative Rugby such as Denis Leamy, Mike Ross, Stephen Keogh, Frank Murphy, Conrad O’Sullivan and Jerry Flannery. Unfortunately for me I played Scrum Half so played number 2 to Frank Murphy on most occasions. However, I still got plenty of exercise running on and off the pitch with the water!! We also got to the semi-finals of the students European Cup competition which was a great achievement.

Favourite UCC legend or superstition
I am sure this one is mentioned a lot but it to not walk through the middle of the quad before graduating.. I graduated 14 years ago and still walk around the quad.. Why – I don’t know!

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