Current Campaign

Current Campaign

UCC is investing in our students, helping them to develop their potential and find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our alumni and friends, we support a range of exciting projects. These projects, which have their beginnings at UCC, will ultimately make a difference around the globe.

  •  Nurturing talent 

Providing scholarships for students who face hardship, who are overcoming challenges or who display exceptional academic, sporting or creative promise.

  • Enabling research

Putting researchers of all disciplines on the path to discovery. These journeys may lead to the development of new treatments for life-threatening illnesses or the unearthing of vital evidence from the past.

  • Fostering innovative learning

Encouraging the development of world-class teaching and learning environments that will ensure our students are world ready when they leave UCC. 

  • Enriching culture and heritage

Opening doors, both physical and virtual, to diverse aspects of culture and heritage, by helping the digitisation of significant archives, the publication of knowledge and the exhibition of modern and ancient art, literature and artefacts. 

  • Enhancing the environment

Supporting the growth of UCC’s magnificent campus.


Giving a donation to the UCC Alumni Fund is an investment in UCC and in the future.


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