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The Procure to Pay Process Guide needs to be reviewed before purchasing goods or services.

The Procure to Pay Process Guide outlines the six steps required when purchasing goods and services in UCC.
It’s important that users of the Agresso System understand the required order of these six steps and the policies and procedures needed for each of the steps.


Finance Office Procurement-

Quick Guide - Procurement Screens 

Requisitioning Demo 

How to attach a document to a requisition(2022)

Requisition Workflow Enquiry Demo Guide

How to Split a Requisition Demo

How to Close a Requisition Demo

Current Punchout Suppliers

How To Do A Punchout Order Demo



Approval Demo 

How To Enter A Requisition 2022

E Procurement How To Guide Punchout 2022

Merck Quotations


E-Procurement How To Guide Kylemore Services Group

Requisitioning against a Capital Project

Find a Supplier on Agresso Guide

Purchasing Reports

How to View a PO

Has an Invoice or PO been Paid

Procurement Invoice Enquiries

Agresso Product Codes 

Agresso Guides for Internal Orders

How to do an Internal Requisition 2019 

Internal Order Quick Guide 2021



Tyndall National Institute Procurement Guides

How to Find Which Document is Missing

Further Tyndall National Institute Procurement Guides may be found interally at the following location

Agresso Support

Tacaíocht Agresso

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