Incoming First Years (CAO)

Having accepted a course in UCC via the CAO, incoming first year students should be proactive in finding accommodation via UCC Student Pad, the Students' Union Accommodation Facebook page, other online web platforms and local classified adverts. Check out Tips and Tricks for more information.

First Year Placement Service

Students living at least 45kms away from the university will be prioritised via a centralised placement service. Agreement has been reached that first years will be prioritised should vacancies arise in UCC owned accommodation, block booked complexes and certain private complexes via the placement service.

Students can avail of this service via an online application, available following the first round of CAO offers in August. When completing the accommdoation form please ensure that you use the students own name and that the CAO number is correct. Please be careful when entering the students email address as this is how the student will be contacted if they receive an offer of accommodation. 

We ask that incoming students to bear with us as the service will be very busy at this time. There is no guarantee that suitable accommodation will be sourced by filling out this form, however staff will endeavour to assist where possible. We encourage students to remain proactive in their search for accommodation.

Students living less than 45 kilometres from UCC

We recommend any student living less than 45 kilometres from UCC to consider commuting.

Office of Student Residential Services and Community Relations