Start Dates

Please see below a list of the 1st year programmes with their start dates. 

Programmes will be taught online.

Programme Title Date
Advanced Fieldwork Practice and Supervision (Social Work), PG Dip [ADFPS] TBC
Advanced Languages and Global Communication, HDip Level 8 [HDALGC] 24/09/2020
Arts, Cert [CA] Psychology 30/09/2020
Autism Studies (Online), Cert/Dip [DAUS] 28/09/2020
(Bio) Pharma Processing, PG Cert NFQ Level 9 Minor [PCBPP] 02/10/2020
(Bio) Pharma Processing, PG Dip NFQ level 9 Major award [PDBPP] 02/10/2020
Coaching / Coaching Psychology, HDip (1 yr prog) [HDCCPY] 14/10/2020
Contemporary Living, Cert [CCLV] [2 yr cycle] TBC
Digital Arts and Humanities, PG Dip [PDDAH] 28/09/2020
Disability Studies, Cert/Dip [DDS] TBC
Environmental Science and Social Policy, Dip [DENVSP] 01/10/2020
Environment, Sustainability and Climate, Cert [CEVSC] 01/10/2020
Environment, Sustainability and Climate (Online), Dip [DEVSC] 01/10/2020
Facilitating Inclusion (Disability Studies), HDip [HDFIDS] 31/10/2020
Food Manufacturing Management, Dip (1 yr) [DFMM] 10/05/2021
Food Science and Technology, Cert/Dip [DFSCT] 02/10/2020
Genealogy, Cert/Dip [DGNL] 01/10/2020
Interpersonal Communication, Cert (1 yr prog) [CIC] UCC 30/09/2020
Interpersonal Communication, Cert (1 yr prog) [CIC] Portlaoise 01/10/2020
Irish Food Culture, PG Dip [PDIFC] 29/09/2020
Languages, Cert [CLAN] 28/09/2020
Leadership for the Agri-Food Sector, Dip [DLAFS] 30/09/2020
Learning and Development Practice, Dip (1 yr prog) [DLDP] 02/10/2020
Management Practice, Cert (1 yr only) [CMP] 29/09/2020
Management Practice, Cert/Dip [DMP] 29/09/2020
Mental Health in the Community, Cert (1 yr prog) [CMHC] 03/10/2020
Mindfulness Based Practice and Research, PG Dip [PDMBP] TBC
Mindfulness Based Well-Being, PG Cert [PCMBW] 16/10/2020
Mindfulness Based Well-Being, MSc [MSCMBW] 16/10/2020
Operator Development (Pharma Manufacturing), Cert [COPD] 30/09/2020
Personal and Management Coaching, MSc [MSCPMC] UCC 13/10/2020
Personal and Management Coaching, MSc [MSCPMC] Online 19/10/2020
Practice Support in Social Farming, Cert [CPSSF] 28/09/2020
Process and Chemical Engineering, Cert [CPCE] 07/09/2020
Procurement Management, Cert [CPM] NFQ Level 8 29/09/2020
Procurement Management, Cert [CPM] NFQ Level 8 02/10/2020
Project Management, PG Cert [PCPJM] (1 yr prog) 02/10/2020
Psychology of Criminal Behaviour, Dip [DPCB] 02/10/2020
Relationship Mentoring, HDip [HDRM] UCC                    30/09/2020
Relationship Mentoring, HDip [HDRM]  Portlaoise                  01/10/2020
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, Cert [CSHWW] 29/09/2020
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, HDip [HDSHWW] 29/09/2020
Social Studies, Cert/Dip [DSSD] 29/09/2020
Specialty Food Production, Dip (1 yr prog) [DSFP] 13/10/2020
Supply Chain Management, Cert [CSCM] 23/09/2020
Trauma Studies, PG Cert [PCTST] TBC
Trauma Studies, PG Dip [PDTST] TBC
Youth and Community Work, Cert/Dip [DYCW] UCC 06/10/2020
Youth and Community Work, Cert/Dip [DYCW] Limerick TBC

Adult Continuing Education

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