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Sex, Lies and Audiotapes: Leadership, Scandal and the Modern American Presidency CLOSED

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    Sex, Lies and Audiotapes: Leadership, Scandal and the Modern American Presidency CLOSED

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    Adult Continuing Education

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    Eight weeks, Tuesdays 7-9pm, from 28 January to 31 March (except 18 Feb and 17 March, half-term and bank holiday)

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    Cert of Attendance

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    €200 See Fees and Costs for full details.

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    Students must be minimum eighteen years at course commencement. See Requirements for full details.

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    Friday 17 January 2020

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    Western Gateway Building, Room G17, UCC Western Road, Cork 

  • Start Date

    Tuesday 28 January 2020

Course Outline

Ever wondered why some American Presidents are more scandal-prone than others? This course examines the role that emotional intelligence, leadership style and character play in succeeding at the world’s most important job. Presidential greatness, crisis management and legacy making are some themes that will be covered, along with considerations on the role of key actors including first ladies, political opponents and the media.

This is an approximate outline and may be slightly adjusted in response to student interest.
Week 1 – Presidential Greatness, Presidential Scandal: the Basics
Week 2 – Carrying the FDR Flame: the Imperial and (Mostly) Crisis-Free Years
Week 3 – The Supporting Cast: Veeps and First Ladies
Week 4 – Boundary pushing: JFK, LBJ and the 1960s
Week 5 – From Imperial to Imperilled: The 1970s Presidency in Crisis
Week 6 – A Resurgent Presidency: Twelve Years of Reagan (and Bush)
Week 7 – Bill Clinton, the Culture Wars and an Imperial George Bush
Week 8 – Obama to Trump: Scandal Free, Scandal-Laden

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Short courses are non-assessed

Who teaches on this course
Dr Clodagh Harrington is Associate Professor of American Politics at De Montfort University, Leicester. Her research areas include presidential scandal, leadership and domestic policy. She has recently completed a book on the impact of the Trump presidency on the Obama legacy which is due for publication in 2020.

Why Choose This Course

There is no specific job description for the leader of the free world. Voters have high expectations of modern US leaders and whilst some have been visionary, others have brought shame on the office. This will be a fun and engaging course examining modern US presidential scandal, crisis management and leadership skills, with a specific focus on what each individual brought to the role.

There is a vast wealth of literature available on the American presidency. The role of emotional intelligence in relation to presidential success is a topic that has yet to receive much scholarly attention. Why are some presidents more successful than others? The most intelligent do not necessarily make the best leaders. Some are scandal laden, others faced inherited crises, and a few have been simply underwhelming. This course will consider the traits and circumstances of success, and failure, with reflections on what makes for presidential greatness. Students may, but are not obliged to, participate in an informal and engaging way, and might have their pre-conceptions around presidential achievement challenged.


Fees and Costs

The fee for this course is €200.

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