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From Shame to Pride? A Short Introduction to LGBT+ Irish History (1970s-2020) COURSE CLOSED

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    From Shame to Pride? A Short Introduction to LGBT+ Irish History (1970s-2020) COURSE CLOSED

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    Adult Continuing Education

  • Duration

    Six weeks, Wednesdays 7-9pm, from 29 January to 4 March

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    Cert of Attendance

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    €150 See Fees and Costs for full details.

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    Students must be minimum eighteen years at course commencement. See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    Friday 17 January 2020

  • Venue

    O'Rahilly Building, Room 244, UCC

  • Start Date

    Wednesday 29 January 2010

Course Outline

Cork held its biggest ever LGBT+ Pride festival in 2019. Its theme was ‘Stonewall: 50 Years Proud’. The 1969 Stonewall uprising in New York was a pivotal event in the history of LGBT+ people’s struggle against hatred and oppression. This course explores the Irish LGBT+ experience from Stonewall to the present. It focusses on major issues and events that shaped the lives of LGBT+ people in Ireland and the Irish diaspora. The course asks: have LGBT+ people and wider Irish society moved from shame to pride in their understanding of LGBT+ identities? Our sources for this often hidden history include personal testimonies, media reports, activists’ and opponents’ statements and other materials, visual images, objects and creative productions.

Schedule of classes:

1) Recalling 50 years of the LGBT+ rights struggle: Cork Pride 2019 and the Stonewall Riots, New York, 1969.
2) ‘In the Eyes of the Law’. The LGBT+ experience in 1970s and early 1980s Ireland.
3) ‘Queer-Bashing’. The murder of Declan Flynn in Fairview Park, Dublin (1982) and its impact.
4) ‘Intrinsically Disordered’? The Christian Churches and LGBT+ sexuality and identity in Ireland.
5) The LGBT+ Irish diaspora in the USA: the AIDS crisis, the St Patrick’s Day Parade Controversy in New York and its Irish context (1980s to 2019).
6) From Decriminalisation to Marriage Equality and beyond in Ireland (1993-2020).

Course Practicalities


Short courses are non-assessed

Who teaches on this course

Dr Diarmuid Scully, School of History, University College Cork, d.scully@ucc.ie

Why Choose This Course

Discover a history that was hidden – or written from a hostile perspective – until very recently. Get an insight into one of the most dramatic changes in modern Irish society: the transformation in the perception and status of LGBT+ people. Use creative innovative research techniques and sources to explore the recent past and present.  This is the first course on LGBT+ Irish history offered by ACE at UCC. In 2018, the Lecturer, Dr Diarmuid Scully, became the first historian to teach a BA module on LGBT+ history in an Irish university.


Fees and Costs

The fee for this course is €150.

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The closing date for applications is Friday 17 January 2020. Fees are listed in each course description. Students register and pay fees before course commencement as follows:

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