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Romantic Relationships: From How to Wow (taught online only)

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    Romantic Relationships: From How to Wow (taught online only)

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    Adult Continuing Education

  • Duration

    Six weeks, Thursdays 7-9pm from 8 October to 12 November 2020

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    Cert of Attendance

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    €150 See Fees and Costs for full details.

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    See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    Friday 25 September 2020

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    Thursday 8 October 2020

Course Outline

Research shows that the majority of people want to have a long term relationship and be happy ever after. According to the Evolutionary Psychologist David Buss 90% of the world population get married or start a relationship at some stage of their life, but, unfortunately in Western society, almost two-thirds end in separation or divorce. Of the 33% who stay together, it is reported that at least 20% are unhappy. It means that only a small part of the population attain the happy and fulfilling relationship they hoped for. The course will question why this is the case and how we increase the chances of building a successful romantic relationship. 

Using a blend of facilitated discussions, videos, and interactive exercises, the course will help build romantic competence and self-confidence. This course is delivered in a fun and relaxed learning environment and will discuss a diverse number of topics and offer participants the opportunity to develop skillsets and insight into their romantic life in an engaging way.

Module 1: Introduction into sexual selection: why do we choose one person instead of another for a short or long term relationship.

Module 2: Exploring romantic needs: What men and women want from a romantic relationship.

Module 3: Interpreting the body language of attraction.

Module 4: Distinguishing between love and passion.

Module 5: Romantic competence.

Module 6: Strategies to maintain a loving relationship.

Course Practicalities

The course consists of six weekly lectures with no mandatory assignments. To obtain full benefit from the course, participants are encouraged to use newly acquired skills and knowledge to engage in class discussions and activities to implement their personalized action plan and engagement strategy.  


Short courses are non-assessed

Who teaches on this course

This course is being taught by Eliana Monteiro, PhD in Applied Psychology at UCC (Ireland), MS in Sexology at UGF (Brazil) and MBA in Business Management and Social Projects at UNIFEI (Brazil). Eliana brings over 15 years’ experience as a lecturer in more than ten different college courses, as a counsellor and as a researcher in the area of Romantic Relationships.

Why Choose This Course

Many navigate intimate relationships haphazardly. The skills necessary to start and maintain successful short or long-term relationships are not taught at school or discussed at home. As a result, people get lost, not knowing the reasons behind their successes or failures. They find that they don’t know what to do in many situations (from starting a new relationship to being trapped in unsatisfying relationships).

Throughout this course, participants will learn the scientific theory of many topics related to sexual relationships and they will gain more insight into their own relationships. They will also have the opportunity to develop their personalized plan to develop their romantic competence and achieve more fulfilling relationships.

This course is a combination of many topics that I have being researching for more than 15 years. It presents a careful selection of topics that are potentially crucial to increase the awareness of what people want from a sexual/ romantic relationship, what we have to offer and how to improve our chances to have a more fulfilling and happy relationships.


Students must be minimum eighteen years at course commencement.


Fees and Costs

The fee for this course is €150.

How Do I Apply

This short course will open for booking in late August and we will post details of the registration process in the coming weeks. The closing date for applications is Friday 25 September 2020. Fees are listed in each course description. Students register and pay fees before course commencement. Course commencement is subject to sufficient enrolment and, in the event of a course not commencing, applicants will be informed and their fees will be returned.

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