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Ancestral connection: DNA and online sources for family history research COURSE CLOSED

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    Ancestral connection: DNA and online sources for family history research COURSE CLOSED

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    Adult Continuing Education

  • Duration

    Eight weeks, Tuesdays 7-9pm, from 2 October to 20 November

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  • Qualifications

    Cert of Attendance

  • Fees

    €200 See Fees and Costs for full details.

  • Entry Requirements

    See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    Friday 21 September 2018

  • Venue

    Woodstock Hotel, Ennis, Co Clare

  • Start Date

    Tuesday 2 October 2018

Course Outline

This course explores the genealogy world of DNA and online family history resources vital in the use of family history research. With 9 billion trees online and the increase DNA testing, understanding family networks through online sources can provide valuable learning and the means of solving ancestral puzzles. This course is aimed at the researcher/hobbyist who wishes to increase their knowledge of the world of DNA and family history sources for family history research. Ancestral Connections provides you with the tools to decipher DNA results and increases your knowledge and awareness of the uses of strategies to implement them within a family tree. The resulting network connections help you unravel the past and form connections to the present which will be of use in future research.

  1. Introduction to DNA tests and Online Sources This lecture introduces the participants to the world of DNA tests and online resources available for family history research. 
  2. Reading the Results –Comparing & Exploring DNA tests This lecture compares the different types of DNA tests available on the market and establishes the specifications of each test and how they are used. The outputs of what the tests can reveal are discussed
  3. Using the results to create pedigree trees and charts This lecture shows how pedigree trees and family history charts and tables can be extracted from DNA tests and online sources. Correct guidelines on how to create trees and charts are given and analysed.
  4. Making social networks and using family DNA test -Smart matching This lecture explores patterns which relate to family history research such as endogamy and exogamy for marriage patterns, degrees of consanguinity and affinity and reveals how social networks operate for family DNA tests and the uses of Smart Matching.
  5. Online sources for Family History Research This lecture reveals a range of online sources which are of use in Family History Research. Sources for records, information on visuals and useful resources are all provided in this valuable class.
  6. Presenting your family trees using online software and traditional methods The world of online trees and how to chart and read DNA results are analysed and explored in this lecture. Methods on how to present your family online and in print are disseminated.
  7. Overcoming ancestral brick walls using DNA and Online family sources The uses of Family history to overcome ancestral brick walls using DNA and family history sources are outlined in this valuable lecture. The processes of verification and collating your family history online are presented
  8. Data protection, DNA and Online family sources This lecture explores the requirement surrounding Data projection, DNA and using online records for family history research. The advantages and disadvantages of this methodology is analysed and discussed.

Course Practicalities

A family tree online and offline will be the output of the course. This will ensure that learning outcomes in this valuable sphere are produced.

Who teaches this course:

Lorna Moloney will be teaching this course : Lorna Moloney  l.moloney@ucc.ie  085-8721184


Short courses are non-assessed.


Applicants must be mimimum eighteen years by course commencement.

Fees and Costs

The fee for this course is €200.

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This course is now closed.  For a list of available courses please click the link.



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