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Food Manufacturing Management - Dip

About This Course

Fact File

  • Title

    Food Manufacturing Management

  • Code


  • College

    Adult Continuing Education, Science, Engineering and Food Science

  • Duration

    11 months

  • Teaching Mode


  • Qualifications


  • NFQ Level

    Level 7

  • NFQ Award Title

    Special Purpose

  • Fees

    €7,900 per student. Funding may be available for eligible participants. See Fees and Costs for full details.

  • Entry Requirements

    Minimum of three year’s industry experience. See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    28 April 2023

  • Next Intake

    May 2023

  • Venue

    UCC and Regional Locations

  • Start Date

    May 2023

Course Outline

The Diploma aims to provide relevant management education to delegates across all areas of business with specific emphasis on food and beverage manufacturing and operations management. The Programme will also develop interpersonal skills and enhance confidence in each member of the group.

The Diploma design facilitates individuals who wish to study on a part-time basis and integrate their studies with their careers, as well as incorporate their working experience into an accredited learning process. There will be 10 two-day residential modules, based at various locations nationally to accommodate the national spread of participating companies.

During the Programme, participants will be supported by an in-company team to implement an in-company project. Commitment at senior management level is needed to ensure successful implementation.

The Diploma in Food Manufacturing Management will provide you with a management education relevant to the food and drink sector. There is a specific emphasis on food and beverage manufacturing and operations management. The Diploma will also develop interpersonal skills and enhance confidence in each member of the group completing the course.

There are 7 modules in the course totalling 60 credits. Students will also be required to take part in part-time residential, 10 two day residential workshops.

Course Practicalities


Students are assessed by end of module written assignments and learning logs, as well as a work-related research project (for which support is provided by the Programme Team).

Why Choose This Course

1. This part-time Programme is the only one of its kind in Ireland. It has been developed and proven to develop management capability and confidence in participants who have experience in the food and beverage sector and who are eager to learn.

2. It is delivered by the Food Industry Training Unit (FITU) in University College Cork which has a proven track record of successfully training thousands of personnel who have benefited from courses over nearly 30 years since FITU was first established.

3. The Programme is residential and is designed to maximise the educational, networking and support of students during each of the ten workshops.

4. The learning is highly customised. All learning and assessment is applied to the individual and their workplace.

5. High expectations are the hallmark of the Programme. The venues chosen are high quality, the material and presenters are highly regarded and are experts in their fields with a proven ability to transfer understanding to enable participants to apply their learning.

6. The Programme participants are closely supported during the entire duration of the Diploma. Each attendee is given ongoing mentoring to maximise their learning and benefit from the Programme.

7. Each participant is met by the Programme Management team in their place of work. This enables a progress review with each participant’s manager and helps improve the impact and relevance of the Diploma for the participant.


Applicants wishing to be considered for entry to this programme:

  • Will be at least 21 years of age by April of the year of intake
  • Minimum of three year’s industry experience as deemed appropriate by the Academic Programme Director and Programme Director

Diploma programmes are offered subject to a minimum number of eligible applicants from companies registering for the programme.

Fees and Costs

The total cost of the programme is 7,900, payable in 2 instalments (May and January). Skillnet Taste 4 Success funding of up to 25% may be available for eligible participants. 

How Do I Apply

Applications will open shortly.

During your online application you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Birth Cert or Passport
  • Passport Photograph 

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Year 1 Modules

  • FE1841: Team Building and Personal Effectiveness (10 credits)
    Through participation and involvement this workshop will break down group barriers, develop communication between participants and integrate the class at their first meeting. Students will also have the opportunity to be exposed to the learning organisation that is University College Cork.
  • FE1842: Food Business Planning (5 credits)
    An analysis of the business planning process equips the participant with key skills such as: goal setting, establishing KPIs, resource allocation and project management. The participant is challenged to consider their role within the business structure and how their functional area and day-to-day activities contribute to achieving business objectives and drive the business forward.
  • FE1843: Commercial Acumen in Food Business (10 credits)
    Analysis of changing market demand and order levels (e.g. new product variants, increase/decrease in sales) impacts on business processes. In this regard we consider how market demand translates into orders and set out the key elements of sales, customer relationship management, customer service and order fulfilment processes.
  • FE1844: Operations and Supply Chain Management (10 credits)
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  • FE1845: Regulatory and Compliance Management in the Food Sector (5 credits)
    This module covers Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), quality and food safety practices and considers the impact of these key operating tools across the organisation and along the supply chain. It also considers the vital importance of overall compliance to the quality, safety and legislative compliance for the success of the business.
  • FE1847: Personal and Business Development in the Food Sector (15 credits)
    Preparation of a research proposal on a topic that addresses personal and business development goals. Completion of a research project including, review of relevant literature, methodology design, data collection and analysis. Presentation of a coherent research report, including evidence-based recommendations.
  • MG1832: Organisational Development (5 credits)
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Year 3 Modules

Year 4 Modules

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