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Arts (History of Art) - Cert

Course Fact File
Duration1 year
Teaching ModePart-Time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.
NFQ LevelLevel 6
NFQ Award TitleSpecial Purpose
Fees€750 See Fees and Costs for full details.
Closing DateAugust 2021
Next IntakeSeptember 2021


Start DateSeptember 2021

Course Outline

Art History is an important and exciting subject, providing a valuable prism through which to view and to analyse the complex development of western culture. This one year taught programme introduces students to the history of art as an academic and a professional discipline. The course includes a general survey of the history of art, incorporating painting, sculpture and architecture, from Antiquity to the twentieth century. This introduction will identify and consider the main phases of the Western tradition in art and architecture, focusing on the major works of this tradition. Students will gain an appreciation of the visual arts within the wider social and cultural context. 

This Certificate course provides a broad introduction to the History of Art. This programme introduces students to the principal movements in the History of Art and architecture, including Greek and Roman Art, Medieval Art, the Renaissance, the Baroque and Modern Art. Emphasising both the wider social and cultural context and the importance of visual analysis, students will study the skills and techniques of art historical research through a series of select studies across different visual media.  Alongside the study of particular periods and movements in art, such as Impressionism, this programme will also introduce the principal genres of art such as landscape, portrait and the depiction of daily life, relating key works to the artistic, cultural, and historical contexts in which they arose. Students will be introduced to the basic methodologies associated with art historical study, to the use of correct terms and to wide range of techniques developed by artists. Students will develop this understanding through comparative exercises in visual analysis of specific art works. This will assist students both in their written responses to art works and to the development of critical and visual literacy skills. On successful completion of this programme, students will be able to think and write about art creatively, building their own criteria for making value judgements, and understand the way in which art is related to the social, political, psychological and philosophical contexts from which it emerges. In addition, students will be able to develop their interest in Art and its history through independent study or by participation in the BA degree programme at UCC.

Additional Teaching Mode Information

One evening per week from October to May

Course Practicalities

The study of Art History offers a life-long interest, as well as providing a range of professional career opportunities, including many aspects of the media, advertising, tourism, museum and gallery work. This certificate programme is designed to foster a long-term interest in Art History by developing a broader understanding of its social and cultural context, coupled to a greater degree of critical and visual awareness that can serve the student both in terms of personal and professional development.


The courses modules are examined through continuous assessment. 

Who teaches this course?

Staff and Post Graduate students of the Department of History of Art, UCC

Why Choose This Course

Holders of the Certificate in Arts who subsequently apply for and are offered a place on the BA degree will automatically receive exemptions in the relevant subject(s) providing that entry to the BA is undertaken within 5 years from the completion of the Certificate programme.


This course is open to adult learners who have an interest in the history of art.  Minimum entry age: 18.

Fees and Costs


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How To Apply

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Year 1 Modules

  • HA1004: An Introduction to the History of Art (20 credits)
    To introduce students to the skills and techniques of art historical research through a series of select studies across different visual media and historical periods from antiquity to the modern with special emphasis on techniques of visual analysis.

Year 2 Modules

Year 3 Modules

Year 4 Modules

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