The 'What's Next' Guide to Student Accommodation

Have you missed out on the Campus Accommodation lottery so far? Are all the privately owned student apartments full? Can't find a house? Don't know what to do next?

Follow the steps below in the 'What's Next' guide to securing student accommodation.

 Step 1 - Do not panic

Please remember that beds will still become available in the coming weeks and months.

  • Campus Accommodation will run subsequent lotteries, for those who have already applied, as students change their minds or accept offers elsewhere

  • The majority of Privately Owned Student Apartment Complexes will get cancellations in the coming weeks and months

  • Landlords will advertise their houses for students to rent between now and August

  • Owner occupiers will offer digs, in the months to come, as great alternative to standard student rentals

  • The '1st Year Accommodation Placement Service' will open in August 2020


Step 2 - Remain Proactive


It is important to remain proactive in your search for accommodation.

As you do not know when a bed may become available, keeping in touch with the privately owned apartment complexes within your budget is always a good idea. 

You may start to see more of these types of rentals appear around the end of the academic year around April/May and over the summer period. Please note that you should always meet the person offering the rental and view the property before making any payment.

Step 3 - Be Prepared  

Students must be prepared in order to secure a late place in safe accommodation. Knowing the city, the spread of student apartment complexes and the correct websites is vital.

We always recommend that students visit Cork and the area surrounding the University in the lead up to securing accommodation.

  • You will find a full list of Privately Owned Apartment Complexes here 

  • UCC StudentPad may also have listings for Digs as well as private rentals with other students

  • is a website that can list Digs, run by the Union of Students in Ireland

  • If you make contact with a Landlord or Owner Occupier, be prepared to come to Cork as soon as possible to secure the room

  • Consider all options. Do not discount safe and secure accommodation because it is not ideal for your first year. Digs can be a great alternative for many students if you are stuck. It is only for 1 academic year.

Step 4 - UCC Service


UCC will begin its '1st Year Accommodation Placement Service' in August 2020, which will correspond with the CAO offers. Access to this service will be through an online form via the and websites.

This service aims to:

  • Search for, and secure, student accommodation for 1st year students still in need of safe and affordable accommodation

  • Offer accommodation, where possible, to students who live furthest away from UCC - only students who normally live 45km away from UCC may apply

  • Encourage proactive searching by communicating relevant information to all students

  • Keep searching for accommodation until all students are housed

Please note that the 1st year accommodation placement service may not be able to offer accommodation to all applicants. If a student refuses an offer of accommodation, we must assume the student does not have further need for accommodation and will not receive a second offer.

Step 5 - Stay In Contact

If you don't tell us, we can not help.

Our service will remain in contact with students through this website, our Facebook page and through email. If students do not keep in contact with us, we must presume that they have secured their own accommodation.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 490 3849/2103 or by email at 

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