Caela Provost

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North American Officer  

Caela Provost holds a BA in English with minors in Music and Theatre, from Marist College, New York, and an MA in English from the University of Limerick. She served as an Education in Ireland Postgraduate Student Ambassador in the ambassador programme’s founding year, and subsequently worked as a writing consultant, contributing articles to Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Go Overseas,, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Irish Central (through the Gaelic Girls Project). She is a member of the National Publications Committee of NAGAP: The Leader in Graduate Enrolment Management, as well as the organization's New England Chapter Secretary.

Caela is beginning her fifth year as UCC Academy DAC's North American Officer, supporting the delivery of UCC’s internationalisation strategy in North America, focusing on partnership building, client relations, and student recruitment at the study abroad and postgraduate levels.   Based in Boston, she provides information and support to North American students wishing to come to University College Cork and links them with relevant academics. 

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