The importance of Rest and Recharge this Christmas

16 Dec 2020

During these exceptionally challenging times, it is more important than ever that we continue to prioritise our health and wellbeing at work.

In line with UCC’s decision close the University Campus, UCC Academy will close for a fortnight over the holidays. This will give us all an opportunity to log off and take a well-deserved rest break after a particularly tough year. Here's why a break is important.


#1 The benefits of logging off

It’s been quite an extraordinary year. For many, working from home has brought both benefits and stresses. The separation of home and work life has become blurred and the ‘always on’ culture has taken on new meaning.

Making time for an extended break from work, screen-time and online meetings will allow us all to recharge our own batteries.

This article on The Magic of Pottering teaches us how small tasks can benefit our state of mind.


#2 More time to spend outdoors

We all know the importance of fresh air and vitamin D to our health and wellbeing. Many people have developed a newfound appreciation for spending time outdoors in recent months, but why is that?  

Researchers at universities around the world have shown that looking at fractals, the shapes that appear in nature, generates a sense of well-being and peace. So, use your extra time to get outdoors and increase those feelings of positivity!


#3 Catch up with Family and Friends

As restrictions lift, we will be able to meet (safely) with family and friends that we may not have seen over the last few months. Here’s a roundup of what a Covid Christmas will look like.


#4 Kick-start your New Year’s resolutions!

Why not use the extended break to research healthy habits, build a new exercise routine or take up that sport you’ve been meaning to try? Then, when Jan 1st rolls around, it won’t be such a shock to the system! Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Start a daily meditation practice
  • Take up jogging, or if you already run, find a plan that will bring you to the next level
  • Cycling is another fantastic form of exercise and great way to explore your surroundings in a socially distant way, it’s also a great activity to do with family and friends!
  • Broaden your recipe collection
  • Start a daily journaling practice

Howsoever you celebrate the holidays, make sure to #shutdown your laptop, set your #outofoffice and switch from #work to #play. Wishing you all a peaceful and restful break.

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