John Buckley Becomes First Employee to Avail of UCC Academy’s Paternity Policy

12 Oct 2021

John Buckley became the first employee to avail of UCC Academy’s paternity policy following the birth of his son, Oisín.

John, who was also recently promoted to the role of project manager, first joined UCC Academy in 2019. Since then, he has excelled as a project and change management professional at University College Cork, winning praise from both colleagues and clients.

As someone who recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance, John’s values align with those of UCC Academy, who have put flexibility at the heart of the company’s culture and ethos.

As such, after Oisín was born, John wished to avail of UCC Academy’s paternity policy, which provides new fathers with five weeks of paid paternity leave.

“Having the five weeks off after Oisín was born was very special. I didn’t have to worry earlier in the year about saving my annual leave time, and I didn’t have to rush going back to work afterwards”.

“The extra pair of hands around the house were needed as we all adjusted to the changes! It’s a great bonus of working with UCC Academy.”

Although UCC Academy is not legally obliged to pay employees on paternity leave, as a progressive company, the organisation provides 75% of an employee’s basic pay, less any statutory paternity benefit which they are entitled to receive. 

As an advocate of not blurring the lines between people’s work and professional lives, Leanne Smyth, Head of People and Culture at UCC Academy, believes that UCC Academy’s progressive strategy allows staff to enjoy their first few weeks of parenthood before returning to work.

“Becoming a new parent is one of the most life-altering events that can happen to a person, and research has shown numerous benefits to fathers taking time off in those crucial first few weeks.”

Congratulations again John from all of us at UCC Academy!

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