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Proposal Development and Consortium Management (pre-proposal)

Successful proposals for Horizon 2020 funding depend on having the right partners, who commit themselves to the project and who deliver on the tasks assigned. 

The proposal is usually an amalgam of contributions from many different authors in multiple locations across Europe. PrimeUCC offers highly experienced support to Principal Investigators, by clarifying the technicalities of the funding call and interactions with the EU, writing sections on impact, and dissemination and communication, bringing together the budget submission, and overall editing to streamline the proposal.

PrimeUCC also supports the UCC Principal Investigator in the set-up of the project consortium by communicating with partners on the preparation of the proposal, assisting with the negotiations on work packages and budget, and organising pre-proposal consortium meetings.

Project Management (post-award)

When a proposal has been successful the PrimeUCC EU Project Manager initially guides the process between award and formal contracting. Subsequently, the Project Manager organises overall communications among the consortium partners, establishes the reporting lines to the European Commission, tracks the budget, manages the risk register, and ensures that research and financial reports are created and delivered according to the schedule and to the highest standards as required by the European Commission.

Dissemination and Communication

The Project Manager works closely with the UCC Principal Investigator and the consortium research leaders to create and implement a plan for disseminating results of the research through research networks and the academic literature. This includes establishing a project website and organising research meetings and conferences during the period of the award.  

The European Commission and other funding agencies are always concerned to communicate their work to the general public. The Project Manager takes responsibility for establishing a comprehensive communications programme involving a range of channels (website, press, social media, outreach events, etc.) to make the public aware of the research being carried out and its impact on society.

EIC Project Management for SMEs

The European Innovation Council (EIC) offers grants through its Accelerator Pilot programme to high-risk, high-potential small and medium enterprises to enable them to undertake innovation and commercialisation activities bringing new, potentially disruptive, products, services and business models to market. PrimeUCC offers companies successful in gaining these awards a project management service similar to that for UCC Principal Investigators coordinating Horizon 2020 grants.   

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