Our Clients

PrimeUCC has supported UCC Principal Investigators conducting research in a wide range of fields such as medicine, dentistry, public health, chemistry, photonics, food science, education, theatre, English, and business. PrimeUCC works hard to meet the individual needs of each research team and the feedback from our clients is very positive. Some comments are included below as examples.


Dr Seán McCarthy, CEO Hyperion, and Adjunct Professor UCC

Success in Horizon 2020 is about winning individual proposals. To write a competitive proposal researchers need four main criteria: excellent research; excellent partners; an understanding of the concept of ‘impact’; and support on the rules and procedures. Researchers are responsible for the excellence of their projects. The role of PrimeUCC is to support the researcher in selecting partners, writing the impact statement and dealing with the rules and procedures. PrimeUCC and the UCC Research Support Office provide researchers in UCC with a unique set of services. UCC has the opportunity to become a model for research support services in Europe.

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