Title of Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor

Title of Emeritus Professor

Extract Principal Statute

F.1.f. Professor Emeritus/a. The Governing Body shall have power, on the recommendation of the Academic Council, to confer the title of Professor Emeritus/a upon any Professor or Professor (Scale 2), on or after his/her retirement, in recognition of services to the University.  The University recognises the significant value and contribution of Emeritus/a Professors to the life of the University. Professors Emeriti/ae shall, for all purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions, be regarded as Professors of the University. Professors Emeriti/ae may be invited by the Head of the relevant academic unit or a senior officer of the University to continue to contribute to the academic work of the University. Any such involvement shall be in line with University Policy. Professors Emeriti/ae shall not be entitled solely by virtue of holding the title of Professor Emeritus/a to be members of any body of the University or to assume any administrative or executive functions on behalf of the University.  Governing Body reserves the right to remove the title in the event that the activities or actions of the holder of the title create the risk of reputational damage to the University. The decision of the Governing Body in this regard shall be final.


Academic Council has established the Emeritus Professor Committee which considers applications and makes recommendations to Academic Council.  Governing Body has final approval of all nominations.  The Committee meets approximately twice a year (March/October).  A completed application form should be submitted to a.nineill@ucc.ie





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