Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council is the primary internal authority responsible for academic affairs.  Its terms of reference and membership are laid out in the Principal Statute of the University.  Academic Council meets approximately 6 times per academic session. 

Academic Council Meeting Documentation (Members only)

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates, 2018/19

Friday (unless stated otherwise)

Time: 14.00

12 October 2018 Council Room
09 November 2018 Council Room
18 January 2019 Council Room
01 March 2019  Council Room
03 May 2019 Council Room
28 June 2019 Council Room



Main Standing Committees

Academic Board
    Sub Committees of Academic Board

  •     IMI-UCC Joint Programme Development and Approval Committee [JPDAC]
  •     CIT-UCC Joint Board 
  •     UCC-Turning Point Institute Joint Academic Standards Committee [JASC]

Learning and Teaching Committee

Research and Innovation Committee

Academic Development and Standards Committee

Academic Staff Development Committee

Information Strategy and Education Resources Committee

Graduate Studies Committee

Honorary Degrees Board

Mitigation Committee

University Ethics Committee


Sub Committees of Academic Council

  • E-Learning
  • External Examiner
  • Library Users 

Cover sheet

Academic Council Cover Sheet

When submitting an item to Academic Council for consideration please complete the following coversheet:

Academic Council Coversheet</p


Academic Council Membership

President Professor P. O'Shea

Deputy President and Registrar Professor J. O'Halloran

Professors and Professors (Scale 2)


Professor F. Adam

Professor F. Allen

Professor S. Andersson-Engels

Professor E. Arendt


Professor M. Beck

Professor J. Benzie

Professor T. Butler

Professor J. Bogue

Professor G. Boylan

Professor C.P. Bradley

Professor J. P Browne

Professor K. Brown

Professor E. Byrne


Professor P. Callanan

Professor N. Caplice

Professor J. Carey

Professor K.D. Cashman

Professor A. Christie

Professor C. Connolly

Professor J. Cryan

Professor S. Culloty

Professor S. Cusack


Professor A. Davis

Professor T. Dinan

Professor A. Dobson

Professor M. Donnelly

Professor B. Dooley

Professor J. Drennan



Professor S.B. Fahy

Professor J. Feller

Professor N. Finnegan

Professor G.F. Fitzgerald


Professor D. Gabuzda

Professor A. Gallagher

Professor J. Gilson

Professor D.J. Glennon

Professor R. Greene


Professor K. Hall

Professor B. Hanzon

Professor S. Hedley

Professor J. Hegarty

Professor T. Hennessy

Professor J.R. Higgins

Professor C. Hill

Professor J. Holmes

Professor M. Horgan

Professor J. Hourihane

Professor M. Hutchinson



Professor J. Jackson

Professor M. Jansen

Professor L. Jenkins


Professor P. Kearney

Professor A. Kelly

Professor M.P. Kennedy

Professor L. Kenny

Professor D. Kerins

Professor J. Kerry

Professor M. Kiely

Professor U. Kilkelly


Professor S. Leka

Professor C. Lynch

Professor I. Lynch Fannon

Professor D. Lyons


Professor D. Madden

Professor A. Maguire

Professor M. Maher

Professor L. Marnane

Professor M. McCarffrey

Professor J. McCarthy

Professor M. McCarthy

Professor T.V. McCarthy

Professor K. McCartney

Professor M. McDonagh

Professor A. McDonnell

Professor J.G. McInerney

Professor O. McIntyre

Professor P. McSweeney

Professor J. Mee

Professor D. Millett

Professor D. Molloy

Professor J. Morrison

Professor N. Muller

Professor J. Murphy


Professor C. Naughton


Professor N. O'Brien

Professor W. O'Brien

Professor C. O'Connell

Professor V. O'Connell

Professor R. O'Connor

Professor P.T. O'Donovan

Professor C. O'Driscoll

Professor B. O Gallachoir

Professor K. O'Halloran

Professor E. O'Leary

Professor P. O'Leary

Professor P. O Machain

Professor D. O'Mahony

Professor L. O'Mahony

Professor C. O'Neill

Professor E. O’Reilly

Professor B. O’Sullivan

Professor F. O’Sullivan

Professor N. O'Sullivan

Professor P. O'Toole


Professor D. Papkovsky

Professor P. J Parbrook

Professor M. Pemble

Professor I.J. Perry

Professor F. Peters

Professor M. Prentice

Professor G. Provan


Professor J. Quinn


Professor L. Rascaroli

Professor H.P. Redmond

Professor N. Riza

Professor A. Roberts

Professor J.G. Rodriguez

Professor E. Rogan

Professor Y.H. Roos

Professor D. Ross

Professor P. Ross

Professor A. Ruth

Professor C. A. Ryan

Professor D. Ryan

Professor D. Sammon


Professor D. Sammon

Professor E. Savage

Professor M. Schellekens

Professor M. Schewe

Professor G.D. Shorten

Professor H. Smithson

Professor C.J. Sreenan

Professor J. Stock

Professor A. Sullivan

Professor A.I. Szakolczai


Professor A. Tarim



Professor D. Van Sinderen


Professor T. Walther

Professor J. Wenger

Professor A. Wheeler

Professor H. Whelton

Professor S. Wieczorek 

Professor A. Wingler





Deans of Faculties Non Professorial

Dr Alan Morrison


6 Non Professorial Members from each College

Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences (3 Years from Oct 2018)

Dr Maria Dempsey

Dr Alan Gibbs

Dr Elizabeth Kiely

Dr Heather Laird

Dr Piaras MacÉinrí

Dr Aileen Murphy


Business and Law (3 Years from Oct 2018)

Dr Maria Cahill, Law

Dr Frank Crowley, Economics

Dr Ciara Heavin, BIS

Dr Siobhan Lucey, Economics

Dr Brian O’Flaherty, BIS

Dr Fidelma White, Law


Science, Engineering and Food Science (3 Years from Oct 2018)

Dr Kellie Dean, Biochemistry

Dr Maria de Sousa Gallagher, Engineering

Dr Rob McAllen, BEES

Dr Emanuel Popovici, Engineering

Mr Gavin Russell, Computer Science

Dr Martina Scallan, Microbiology

Medicine and Health (3 Years from Oct 2015)

Dr Deirdre Bennett

Dr Eoin Fleming

Dr Angela Flynn

Dr Patrick Harrison

Dr Helen Lynch

Dr Joan McCarthy


Heads of Departments /Discipline /Unit Non Professorial

Dr Kevin Cawley, Asian Studies

Dr Ciara Chambers, Film and Media Studies

Dr Fiona Chambers, Education

Dr Michael Cronin, Statistics

Dr Patrick Crowley, French

Dr Amr El Refaie, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Mr John Godfrey, Music

Dr Lidia Guzy, Study of Religions

Dr Clodagh Harris, Government

Dr Martin Howard, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Dr Niamh Hourigan, Sociology

Dr Maria Kelly, Drama and Theatre Studies

Dr Kieran Keohane, Sociology

Dr Rachel MagShamhráin, German

Dr Humphrey Moynihan, Chemistry

Dr Stiofan Ó Cadhla, Folklore and Ethnology

Dr Jorge Oliveira, Process & Chemical Engineering

Dr Silvia Ross, Italian

Dr David Woods Classics


Students Union (1 Yr)

President: Mr Alan Hayes

Education Officer: Mr Aaron Frahill

Welfare Officer: Ms Niamh Connery

Postgraduate Officer: Ms Therese Collins


Two Undergraduate Students per College

Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Business and Law 

Science, Engineering and Food Science 

Medicine and Health


Two Postgraduate Students per College

Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences TBA

Business and Law TBA

Science, Engineering and Food Science TBA

Medicine and Health TBA

Bursar and Chief Financial Officer

Mr Diarmuid Collins

Corporate Secretary

Ms Nora Geary

Ms Colette McKenna


Mr John Fitzgerald

Director of Information Technology

Dr Gerard Culley

Chairs of AC Committees and Sub Committees (not otherwise appearing in a different category)

Dr Orla Murphy,  E-Learning Sub Committee

Dr Patricia Leahy-Warren, Graduate Studies Committee

Dr Louise Crowley, Academic Staff Development Committee

Dr Fiona Chambers, Teaching and Learning Committee

Dr Darius Whelan, Library Advisory Committee

Director of Centre for Adult Continuing Education

Dr Seamus O Tuama

Up to four members co-opted by Academic Council 

Dr Karl Kitching, Director of the Equality Diversity & Inclusion Unit

Dr Jennifer Murphy, Director of Academic Strategy

Dr Niamh Connolly, Policy Analyst, President’s Office 


Vice Presidents Non Professorial

Vice President for External Relations

Dr Ronan O Dubhghaill

Head of Student Experience 

Mr Paul Moriarty 

Director of Library Services

Ms Colette McKenna

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr Ruth Ramsay

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Stephen Byrne

Chair of the Mitigation Committee

Dr Joan Buckley

Chair of the Examination Appeals Committee

Dr Ed Shinnick

Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research

Dr Ronan O Dubhghaill (also member in role of VP External Relations)

Academic Secretary

Mr Paul O'Donovan

Director of Quality Enhancement Unit

Ms Elizabeth Noonan

Director of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Unit

Dr Karl Kitching

Examination Appeals Officer

Dr Daniel Blackshields

Student Advisor and Ombudsman

Professor Fred Powell

Two representatives of the Research Community

Dr Mark Jessopp

Dr Andrei Temko

Terms of Reference and Code of Practice

Code of Practice for Academic Council Committees

Code of Practice

Academic Council Terms of Reference

See Principal Statute Chapter C: Academic Council.




Academic Secretariat

Rúnaíocht Acadúil

West Wing, UCC