Academic Board

Academic Board

Academic Board

The senior University Standing Committee of Academic Council, established in University statute, responsible for the discharge of functions delegated to it by Council and for the formulation of strategy and policy to meet the University’s education and research objectives. The Academic Board, as the senior Standing Committee of Council, shall consider and consult on business from other Council Standing Committees and College Councils prior to bringing forward policy recommendations and proposals to Council for approval. The Board shall also bring to the attention of Council developments in the national and international higher education arena concerning academic affairs, staff and student matters and may recommend institutional responses as appropriate.  The Board shall undertake any other duties or tasks assigned to it by Council from time to time.

Academic Board Meeting Documentation (UCC Staff only)

Academic Board Meeting Dates, 2016-17

Wednesday (unless stated otherwise)

Time: 10.00

Venue: Council Room
7 September 2016 (Exam Results)  Council Room
21 September 2016  Council Room
26 October 2016  Council Room
7 December 2016  Council Room
8 February 2017  Council Room
5 April 2017  Council Room
17 May 2017 (Final Med Exam Results)  Council Room
21 June 2017  Council Room
5 July 2017 Exam Results  Council Room
6 Sept 2017 (Autumn Exam Results)  Council Room

Academic Board Cover Sheet Templates

When submitting items to Academic Board please use one of the following coversheets as appropriate:

Academic Board Membership

Term of Office: 1 April 2014  -  31st March 2017

Chair: Senior Vice President Academic and Registrar (as appointed by the President) Professor Caroline Fennell

Ex Officio:
Vice President for Teaching and Learning Professor John O'Halloran
Vice President for Research and Innovation Professor Anita Maguire
Head of Student Experience (Acting) Dr Michael Byrne
Heads of College
Professor P T O'Donovan
Professor Ursula Kilkelly
Professor Paul Ross
Professor John Higgins

Chairs of Academic Council Committees and Sub Committees
Professor Paul Hegarty
Professor Paul McSweeney
Professor John Morrison
Professor Alan Kelly
Professor Geoff Roberts
Dr Joan Buckley
Dr Louise Crowley
Dr Orla Murphy
Dr Conor O'Mahony
Dr Seamus O Tuama
Dr Aine Ryall
Dr Ed Shinnick

Director of the Quality Promotion Unit (interim) Ms Elizabeth Noonan
Dean of Graduate Studies Professor Geoff Roberts (Interim)
Academic Secretary Mr Paul O'Donovan
Director of Adult Continuing Education Dr Seamus O Tuama
Student Union President 
Student Union Education Officer
Student Union Postgraduate Officer

4 members of Academic Council, one from each College, nominated by Academic Council
Professor David Ryan
Professor David Sheehan
Dr Ronan Carbery
Dr Eoin Fleming

Co-opted members:
Up to 3 members approved by Academic Council
Dr Francis Burke (appointed 05-03-14)
Professor John McCarthy (appointed 16-04-14)

Academic Secretary

Committee Secretary: Ms Aine Flynn

Composition approved by Academic Council, 28th January 2011

Academic Board Sub Committees

  • UCC/IMI Programme Development and Approval Committee
  • UCC/CIT Joint Academic Standards Board [JASB]
  • UCC/Turning Point Training Institute Ltd [TPTI]



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