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Academic Staff Development Committee

General Purpose:

A standing committee of Academic Council, the Academic Staff Development Committee is responsible for overseeing and advising on academic staff development in accordance with international good practice. 

The Committee provides a forum for debate on current issues relating to staff development in line with international standards and for the proposal and support of initiatives that enhance staff development.  

The Committee shall consult with relevant University Officers as appropriate in relation to specific items and issues of potential significant impact to the University (particularly in relation to resources).  

The Committee shall undertake any other appropriate duties or tasks assigned to it by Academic Board or Academic Council from time to time. 

Reports to:  Academic Board on matters concerning delegated authority and is advisory to Academic Council on policy matters within its remit.

Terms of Reference       

1. Strategy and Policy

To bring forward for initial consideration by Academic Board:

A) Proposals that ensure the provision of high quality staff support and development, in accordance with international good practice
B) Feedback in respect of university policies and practices as they affect staff development

2. Executive functions

Under delegated authority from Academic Council to:

a) Approve mechanisms for promoting the development of staff across the university
b) Co-ordinate the delivery and determination of the annual Staff Recognition Awards
c) Comment upon staff development initiatives across the university

3. Oversight function

a) The formation and/or review of academic and research staff development strategies and policies to ensure provision of staff development is high quality, relevant and informed by international good practice.
b) Advise on procedures for monitoring and evaluating academic and research staff development provision.
c) Receive and analyse feedback from participants in staff development programmes and activities, and consider relevant outcomes from internal and external quality review activities.
d) Advise on the development of UCC’s approach to recognising and rewarding staff achievement in the light of the University’s strategic objective to ensure parity of esteem.

 4. Other business as required

a) To submit to Academic Board minutes from each meeting of the Committee and to report on specific matters as requested.
b) To advise Academic Board and Council on such matters that the Board or Council may refer to the Committee from time to time.

Delegation of authority

The Academic Staff Development Committee retains the overall responsibilities defined in its terms of reference as approved by Academic Council.  The Committee may establish Sub-Committees to enable it to fulfil its remit and to which it may delegate functions with the approval of Council.   The Committee may also establish working groups from time to time to assist in its work.  Sub Committees and working groups shall operate in accordance with the procedures set down in the Academic Council Committee Handbook.  

Reserved Business

None approved by Academic Council.

Frequency of meetings:

The Committee shall normally meet up to 4 times per year or as directed by Academic Council.


Appointed by the President

Dr Louise Crowley

Ex Officio: 


Vice President for Learning and Teaching
(or nominee)

Professor Paul McSweeney

Vice President for Research and Innovation
(or nominee)

Dr David O'Connell

Dean of Graduate Studies

Professor Ruth Ramsay

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Aine O'Donovan

1 staff member from Centre for the Integration of Research, Learning and Teaching

James Cronin

Human Resources Staff Development Officer

Ms Anne Gannon 

Human Resources Research Advisor

Ms Mary O’Regan

Student Union President (or nominee)

Ms Asha Woodhouse

2 representatives from the Teaching and Learning Committee (Nominated by the Committee) 


Dr Jennifer Murphy


Dr Orla Murphy

2 representatives from the Research and Innovation Committee (Nominated by the Committee) 


Dr Helen Buffrey



1 representative from each College nominated by the College 


Dr Feilim O hAdhmaill


Dr John McAvoy


Dr Eric Moore


Dr Deirdre Bennett

Co-opted members

Dr Mark Jessopp (representing the Researcher community)


Dr Laurence Davis (representing the Equality Committee)

Committee Secretary:
Office of the Vice President for Teaching and Learning

 Ms Mary O'Rourke


Approved by Academic Council 01-05-15

Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú