Writing a Policy

Policy Writing

Policy Writing

Policy writing - headings and basics

When writing a policy ensure that implementation and dissemination are considered. 

it is best to use correctly formatted headings and sub headings throughout (for accessibility reading).

You will need include a coversheet when submitted to the Academic Development Sub Committee and/or Academic Board. Please request this from relevant meeting support administrator which can be found on the relevant committee Term of Reference  

Further support for writing policies 

HEADINGS ESSENTIAL (these will be included on WEB)

  • Policy Title
  • Policy Owner (Office/unit with ultimate responsibility for maintain policy)
  • Definitions (define any important terms or key concepts used in the policy– bullet points may be used)
  • Purpose
  • Scope (Outline the purpose and reach of this policy)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (Outline the major responsibilities each party has in connection with the policy-how the different stakeholder are expected to interact with the policy)
  • Policy Statement (Outline the main text of the policy here. Provide a clear structure as you would for a standard document policy with headings, sub-headings, numbers paragraphs and lists as appropriate.)
  • Review and approval (when will this be next reviewed)
  • Contact for further information (Provide email and details on the best position to contact about the policy and associated matters. List a position rather than an individual)

Optional for web

  • Supporting procedures (Outline supporting procedures and provide a list of links to related polices and relevant documents.)
  • Supporting Guidelines (Outline supporting guidelines and provide a list of links to relate polices and relevant documents.) 
  • Relevant Statutes
  • Breach of policy
  • Related Documents (List any related policies/procedures/guidelines)
  • Summary of changes

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