Developing Academic Agreements Tool Kit - UCC only

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Type of Agreements within the scope of the Academic Affairs and Governance Office include:

  • Academic related MOU and MOA
  • Confidentiality Agreements in relation to Academic Programmes
  • Academic related Agreements
  • Commitments to enter into joint ventures with other academic institutions
  • Commitments to participate in non-research academic consortia on projects
  • Third Party Agreements in relation to Dual or Joint Degrees, Accreditation, Validation and Articulation/Reverse Twining
    International Student academic mobility and hosting agreements (other than Erasmus)

 Please see UCC's Signing Authority Policy for other types of agreements.

Documents and links

Tool Kit ItemWeblink / Downloadable file
UCC Academic Agreement Proposal Form Academic Agreement Proposal Form. [Link needed]
UCC's Signing Authority Policy Office of Coporate and Legal Affairs Policy website
The internal process for signing and filing agreements Flowchart for signing Academic Agreements.
Development Academic Agreements cheat Sheet [to be drafted]



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): An MOU is viewed as a starting point for collaboration with another institution to indicate both parties engagement to foster academic cooperation in areas of interest and benefit to both parties. An MOU between UCC and another institution (Irish, EU or Non-EU) is non-binding.

Academic Champion: The Academic Champion is the UCC proposer of the MOU who has established a relationship with the relevant
external partner. The Academic Champion will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the MOU including maintaining regular contact with the partner institution and reviewing the arrangement on an annual basis. The Academic Champion may be required to report to the International Director, College Internationalisation Committee, Head of College, the Regional Working Group, or the Academic Secretary on the arrangement, as necessary.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): An MOU is not a legal binding agreement but following due diligence may lead to the establishment of a collaboration, joint awards, mobility of staff or students, validation of programmes, articulation arrangements or other type of agreement between UCC the other partner of the MOU.


Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

[to be drafted]






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