Core Competencies Pharmacy


Core Competencies and Fitness to Practise

The core competencies for Programmes in the School of Pharmacy subject to Fitness to Practise are listed below.

Students must be capable of achieving the following competencies and outcomes by graduation:

a) Communicate appropriately and effectively with patients and the public.

b) Obtain relevant patient medical, social and family history.

c) Record, maintain and store, full, accurate, comprehensive records.

d) Respond appropriately to medical emergencies, including provision of first aid.

e) Analyse prescriptions for validity and clarity.

f) Provide, monitor and modify prescribed treatment to maximise health outcomes.

g) Use pharmaceutical calculations to verify the safety of doses and administration rates.

h) Apply pharmaceutical principles to the formulation, preparation and packaging of products.

i) Procure, store, dispense, supply, distribute and dispose of medicines safely.

j) Consult and follow advice of a suitably qualified professional from any risk posed to service users by your own health.


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