Core Competencies Nursing and Midwifery 2022-2023

The core competencies for programmes in the School of Nursing and Midwifery are listed below. In addition to these competencies, students must also fulfil the requirements of the professional accrediting body (NMBI) and / or CORU (as relevant to their specific degree programme) in order to be able to register as Health and Social Care Professionals when they graduate. Students must be capable of achieving the following competencies and outcomes by graduation (essential nursing and midwifery skills):

a. Maintaining patient/client dignity, privacy and confidentiality.
b. Effective communication, observing, assessing, reporting and recording skills, including listening and taking physiological measurements.
c. Safe moving and handling of patients/clients.
d. Infection prevention and control.
e. Performing technical skills and using complex equipment.
f. Essential first aid and emergency procedures and incident management.
g. Safe administration of medicines.
h. Emotional, physical, personal, spiritual, bio-psychosocial and compassionate care of patients/clients.
i. Meeting patients/clients’ needs, including those for comfort, nutrition and personal hygiene.
j. Consult and follow advice of a suitably qualified professional relating to any risk posed to service users by own health.


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