Core Competencies Dentistry 2022-2023

The core competencies for Programmes in the School of Dentistry subject to Fitness to Practise are listed below. In addition to these competencies, students must also fulfil the requirements of the Dental Council in order to be able to register as Dental Professionals when they graduate. Students must be capable of achieving the following competencies and outcomes by graduation:

a) Obtain, record and interpret a comprehensive and contemporaneous patient history.
b) Undertake an appropriate systematic intra- and extra-oral clinical examination.
c) Manage appropriate clinical and laboratory investigations.
d) Undertake relevant special investigations and diagnostic procedures, including radiography.
e) Explain the importance of, and maintain accurate, contemporaneous and comprehensive patient records in accordance with legal and statutory requirements and best practice. Respond appropriately to medical emergencies, including provision of first aid.
f) Communicate appropriately, effectively and sensitively at all times with and about patients, their representatives, the public and colleagues, by spoken, written and electronic methods.
g) Undertake a range of clinical procedures within the student’s area of competence.
h) Consult and follow advice of a suitably qualified professional to protect patients from any risk posed by own health.

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