Core Competencies Clinical Therapies 2022-2023


The core competencies for Programmes in the School of Clinical Therapies subject to Fitness to Practise are listed below. In addition to these competencies, students must also fulfil the requirements of professional accrediting bodies and / or CORU (as relevant to their specific degree programme) in order to be able to register as Health and Social Care Professionals when they graduate.

Students must be capable of achieving the following competencies and outcomes by graduation:

a) Obtain relevant (such as medical, occupational, social, educational, family) history.

b) Undertake and interpret relevant assessment procedures safely and effectively within the confines of the student’s area of knowledge and competence.

c) Provide, monitor and modify appropriate interventions to maximise health, education and social outcomes.

d) Maintain high levels of hygiene and take appropriate precautions to protect your service users and yourself from infection.

e) Maintain accurate and comprehensive patient records and store records in accordance with legal and statutory requirements and best practice.

f) Communicate appropriately, effectively and sensitively with and about service users, their families/carers (with permission) and colleagues using spoken, written, electronic and nonverbal Methods.

g) Act with honesty and integrity in your personal and professional conduct. Be aware of and responsive to the impact of one’s standard of conduct, performance and actions on self; service users and their families/carers; colleagues; the University, and the Profession.

h) Consult and follow advice of a suitably qualified professional from any risk posed to self; service users and their families/carers; colleagues; the University, and the Profession by own physical and/or mental health.

i) Apply the ethics and values of relevant clinical therapies profession in all communications and actions associated with the performance of their professional roles and responsibilities.

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