Undergraduate Award Honour for David Jones

19 Nov 2014
David Jones

David Jones has won the Undergraduate Award in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences category for his paper entitled “Preliminary Investigation into the Optimization of Sample Systems for the Study of the Vinyl Substitution Reactions of 3(2H)-Furanones” under the supervision of Dr Dan McCarthy, Department of Chemistry UCC.

David completed his undergraduate degree in the Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds and just began a PhD in Organic Chemistry under the supervision of Dr Eileen O'Leary and Dr Tim O'Sullivan in the ABCRF, Department of Chemistry and School of Pharmacy, UCC.

On receiving the award, he commented:

"I was thrilled to have won my Undergraduate Award. The piece I submitted was based on my final year research project and I was very happy with it. I found the research interesting and I'm glad the judging panel thought so also."

The students submitting projects for this award were up against a total of 5,000 submissions from over 200 universities worldwide, which were judged by more than 270 academics. Each winner is recognised as the top student in their respective field globally for 2014 and is awarded a gold medal in recognition of this achievement. The overall winner of each category will be published in the 2014 UA academic journal. The winners were invited to attend The UA Global Summit, which took place in Dublin, Ireland from 19-21 November 2014. The UA Global Summit provided an excellent opportunity for these exceptional students and graduates to meet their peers across a large variety of disciplines and take part in a unique and inspiring event with thought leaders from around the world.

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