New Adjunct Professor

20 Apr 2015

The ABCRF is delighted to welcome Dr Andrew Whitehead as an adjunct Professor to the ABCRF.

Dr Whitehead is currently the Director of 2nd Generation, GSK in Cork.  His unique position in the Pharmaceutical industry will bring invaluable experience and perspective to our students and researchers in GSK.  Welcome Andy!

Dr Andrew Whitehead:

Dr Whitehead has had a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry with a strong track record of scientific and technical achievement in addition to leadership within the industry.  His CV highlights his many achievements and markers of recognition including the Presidents Roll of Honour Award in GMS and most recently his selection within GSK R&D to be given the opportunity to act as an adjunct professor in UCC, an opportunity which is available to just a very limited group of scientists within GSK.

His experience and insight into medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry is particularly valuable as a resource for the postgraduate students within the ABCRF and indeed within the SFI Centre focused on the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceuticals Centre (SSPC), led by UL; the UCC elements of the SSPC are based in the ABCRF. It is envisaged that he will develop a postgraduate module focused specifically on the industrial aspects of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. This will prove very beneficial to the early career researchers in providing them with a background for future careers in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition the academic staff in the ABCRF will benefit from exposure to his insights into current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and will be in a position to leverage this in research proposals (in the current context where industrial relevance is a key success factor) and in their undergraduate teaching with clear benefit to the university.

We look forward to working with him.

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