Fellowship Awards for ABCRF Researchers

12 Mar 2015
SFI Fellowships

Congratulations to Dr Lorraine Bateman and Dr Graham O'Mahony for their recent fellowship awards from SFI.

Dr Graham O'Mahony was recently awarded an SFI Industry Fellowship Grant in collaboration with AbbVie.  This project involves the technology transfer of a new pharmaceutical process into AbbVie’s Cork site from a sister R&D site. The postdoctoral applicant will support Abbvie in the transfer of critical process knowledge, Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to ensure the establishment of a robust process onsite. The fellowship will enable the academic partner to use their knowledge of oral dose manufacture, material characterisation, QbD and PAT to optimise the process, while simultaneously gaining valuable experience of process operations and implementation of PAT tools in a GMP environment. 


Meanwhile, Dr Lorraine Bateman was awarded a Research Fellowship through the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Advance Award Programme.  The programme is aimed at encouraging women to return to or stay in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  This project is focused on the single most powerful technique for examining the properties of organic compounds used as pharmaceuticals – NMR spectroscopy. The goals of this project are to use this approach to study complex dynamic systems where two forms of a compound are interconverting rapidly and therefore cannot be separated, and to develop new approaches which improve the safety of pharmaceuticals through use of NMR analysis.


Earlier in 2014, Dr Ruslan Dmitriev (ABCRF PI) was awarded an SFI SIRG Investigator (Research Fellow) for his project on the Development of bionic sensor materials for metabolic imaging in regenerative medicine in the Biophysics and Bioanalysis Lab through the ABCRF and Dept of Biochemistry.


We congratulate all of our researchers for their achievements in getting these awards.

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